Major League Soccer Week 28, USMNT Review: MLS Talk Podcast


There were three big matches this weekend in our soccer world, only two of which were in league. While New York’s match with Real Salt Lake and Dallas’s battle with Colorado entertained us on Saturday, the return of the U.S. Men’s National Team got top billing, with the squad earning a 2-2 draw with Poland at Soldier Field. To talk about that, I am joined by my co-host Christopher Riordan for this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast.

3 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Week 28, USMNT Review: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. DeMerit has been “playing well lately”? Really? Where? Oh, right he hasn’t played since July.

    Guess what. The USMNT is not 8 year old rec league. You don’t just try to throw everybody you think are the “best players” on the field without regards to position. The USMNT CM/DM pool is not “deep”. It now has THREE quality players. Edu/Bradley/Jones. Two to start and one to be a rotational player. You remember that thing that Bob never does. Subs. Might be good to have one of those guys on the bench to come in case of cards or injury or fatigue no? Or in a tournament to have a third player to rotate in and out of the starting spot?

    Trying to take Edu and throw him in defence is IDIOTIC. The guy plays CM. He is a very good CM. He is good at CM for Rangers. He has been good at CM for the USMNT. He might even grow into being a great CM. He sucks at a CB and is years and years and games and games behind the curve in terms of experience needed to perfect the position. A few games here and there with the NT is not going to change that. And of course he is a vital cog as a CM in that he is part of a high quality 3 CM rotation that would be absolutely vital to succeed in any tournament.

    Putting Edu at CM is also stealing PT and experience from those young CB candidates that actually have actually played at that position all of their lives and who also happen to have speed and ball/passing skills to pair with a “ball winner” in Gooch. Guys like Ream, Gonzalez, Opara, Cameron are the future at CB (and we are not even going younger and talking about guys like Agbossoumonde). Why waste time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole while ignoring all of the clearly round pegs?

    Basically everybody needs to get over the whole “Edu to CB” obsession and face facts that one or two of a pool of young CBs are going to have to take the mantle up for this team to be successful. For now it will need to be Gooch paired hopefully with Bocanegra because that guys blows at LB on the international level. How he plays game in and game out in Ligue 1 is beyond me. He got beaten by a very average Poland team like a rented mule. He needs to move inside or retire from the NT.

  2. I thought the US look AWFUL!!!! Besides our german import the team looked uninterested and lacking any creativeness. Whether its the players or Bradleys tactics, todays game might be an indicator as to where we are heading

    I thought altidore looked clumsy, lazy, and uninterested AS USUAL. I think its time for Bradley to leave jozy off the roster for the next friendlies. Hes not doing it for the Nat team or his club team.

    Our big problem is defense although we did get a clean sheet which was encouraging, the personel that bob has to choose from is very poor and im not sure how much better its going to get by 2014

    Reply with your feed back

    1. Although I get the commenter last week who hinted Chris and I may sway towards negative (at least, negative by the typical let’s just pretend everything’s OK standards of coverage), I want more time to digest the match at PPL. My first reaction is very similar to yours.

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