Michel Platini Given The All Clear

 Michel Platini Given The All Clear

UEFA president Michel Platini has been released from hospital and is expected to attend tomorrow’s World Cup final between Spain and Holland in Johannesburg. Platini was taken to hospital on Friday night, after collapsing in a restaurant. Early reports indicated a heart attack was the cause for Platini’s collapse, but he had actually been suffering from the flu for a few days.

He underwent tests, which revealed no problems, and the French footballing legend is out of hospital. A joint statement from FIFA and UEFA said, “Michel Platini, UEFA president, was released at 9am this morning from the hospital in Johannesburg, where he was admitted after feeling unwell”.

UEFA advisor William Gallard said that the 55 year old’s condition was not a worrying concern. “I am here in London, but I talked to the assistant who was with him and it seems it is just fainting. I have been told not to worry, there is nothing serious”, quoted Gallard.

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