Tottenham Hotspur Disappears On Fox Soccer Channel


When Fox Soccer Channel displayed the top half of the Premier League table on its channel last weekend after the Chelsea versus Manchester United match, eagle eyes EPL Talk reader Michael V. Miracolo noticed something unusual. Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t listed in the top half of the table!

It’s not easy being a Tottenham Hotspur supporter with all of the heartache the club has put their supporters through, but this one is icing on the cake!

11 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Disappears On Fox Soccer Channel”

  1. They are also quite racist as well. On, fox soccer channel’s official website, there was once a typo for “Brian Ching,” the USA and Houston Dynamo forward which read “Brian Chink,” and he is a Hawaiian of Asian descent. Looks like one of the racist Wet Spam fans has too much control in the American company…

    1. are you kidding? you want to turn this blunder on West Ham?

      and marginalize us as racist at the same time… amazing.

      and Fox Soccer is NOT an American Company, its a division of News Corp, I’ll let you google who owns that, and maybe you can look into THAT companies political leanings etc.

  2. If only ol Harry did not show up last year Spurs would be playing in the is a shame! But atleast we get to watch them get OVERPOWERED by Stoke and DESTROYED by any1 in the top half of the table..OH YEAH!

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