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Fox Soccer Channel logoThe world of broadband rights for Premier League, Champions League and other football competitions and tournaments can be very confusing and frustrating at times. So with the recent relaunch of, Fox Soccer Channel’s broadband package, we thought it would be wise to interview a key executive at Fox regarding the new platform.

But this is where you come in. If you have any questions related to or, please post them here so we can pick the best ones and ask them to Fox. Just click the comments link below to share your questions.

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  1. Does ever plan to show live matches online for a monthly fee? Having a service similar to ESPN360 specifically for football that included the EPL and perhaps the Champions League would be appealing to large sections of American fans.

  2. I was wondering how the games get selected to be broadcast? I can not understand why the Barcelona Vs. Internazionale game is not being shown live on TV. When is FSC going HD?

  3. Gaffer – a little off topic but please pester him about HD on FSC. With ESPN doing it, its getting harder to accept regular quality from FSC.

  4. Will Fox offer a free online service like espn360 for current FSC subscribers? Or will I have to continue to use illegal free steams like sopcast and tvu?

  5. could you explain how extensive the archive of games available for viewing is? your site’s FAQ has this exchange, which is not particularly illuminating.

    “Q: Are game archives available? A: Daily replaying game schedule is available for your convenience.”

    I don’t know what that means. And I also didn’t see any such schedule. How many archived matches are available at any given time? For instance, at, every single MLS game is archived and available for later viewing. Is every match that airs on FSC archived and available for viewing?


  6. How will fox address the issue of online viewing. Last season I could log onto and watch the CL in stunning quality. This year, I have not been able to successfully navigate my way to watch a match… and $9.95???

    Espn360 was FREE!

    This might be an agonizing CL campaign.


  7. Some of the same questions. Can you watch a game that has already happened at any time (Like ESPN 360)? Or do you have to watch it when you guys broadcast it online? There should be no excuse to not have a system like 360 where you are able to watch any game in the past month at anytime.

  8. Off topic but could someone PLEASE ask why we have to put up with the HD CL match being treated like crap!??? A single awful commentator speaking over a turkish guy for 10 minutes, then audio problems much of the night, no build-up, half-time, or post-game, WTF!?!? The 2pm show was alright, but then after, nothing. I know this game was on SKY, and if Setanta can manage to use SKY from time to time, then there is no reason NOT TO USE IT HERE! I know Derek Rae used to sit in a studio, but he was definitely better than most of the lone UEFA announcers, and there wasnt the constant flogging of Heineken like now. In short, why does fox insist on its hack production values for just about everything it has rights to!?

  9. This is why Fox Sports shouldn’t have the CL rights. They do not care enough, and do not have the production capability to match ESPN. Hopefully ESPN gets it back next time.

  10. 2 questions please.
    1/ Who has the online rights to the EPL games on ESPN2? They do not seem to be on ESPN360, Setanta-i or
    2/ Where are the ECL games online? It seems that, even if you have a subscription to both Setanta-i and , you need to take out a subscription to

  11. Have any cable or satellite carriers agreed to launch FSC HD on its debut? For over a year BBC America heavily promoted it’s HD channel, it’s launch happened over the summer and only one market in NY is carrying it. I’m hoping FSC will have deals already in place to please American soccer viewers.

  12. When too much is not enough. Having gotten used to watching the CL on ESPN for over 15 years, I had mixed feelings when Fox got the US rights. Apart from the mostly, mind-numbing qualifiers – fair enough, it’s probably better than watching another infomercial in how to make my manhood bigger. However, now with the group stage in gearing into full swing, you would never know after watching the Man U / Besiktas match, I must say, I too was rather disappointed by the single commentator feed, the ambient sound seemed subdued, and of course – no HD. I know it’s only 2 months in but please Fox, get it sorted.

  13. Echo JNML’s question :”Who has the online rights to the EPL games on ESPN2? They do not seem to be on ESPN360, Setanta-i or”

    Also any plans to make some of the fox shows available online e.g. Fox Football Phone in ? – & any chance of getting lower league English Football (Championship etc..) available on line – even a highlights package

  14. Before tonight’s CL games I thought my only concern would be when in HD…but after the incredibly poor commentary and production value overall of tonight’s games i simply need to know when will the CL be back on ESPN…until then i will watch on spanish TV

  15. sucks I must say. You can’t watch the games live and it doesn’t archive the games like Setanta does. It’s a pretty pointless enterprise, I think.

  16. Not sure if I’m late for the boat, but I would love to know what the excuse is for the disaster around account migrations.

    I have a FoxSoccer.TV subscription on the old Vividas system that was good until February, and the switch over was back in August (August 15th?).

    I still do not have access back, and keep getting handed around by the RayV support team with no resolution.

    Am I alone? Is this the standard method? I’m absolutely astounding this is acceptable, but all is not lost.

    I’ve found it’s much easier and generally better in quality to just fine .torrent files of the games I want to watch.

    So, here’s my question: Is FoxSoccer.TV intentionally irritating customers to drive them to

    If so, where can I get my refund?

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