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Bundesliga Fanagrams!

anagram Bundesliga Fanagrams!

One of the Bundesliga’s funner 4-4-2′s.

Rene Adler
Near Elder (if word about his back is true)

Paul Stalteri
Ultra Pilates (perhaps, but what about Ultra defending?)

Michael Gravgaard
Alarm! Vice! Haggard! (Jol! Agrees! Some!)

Daniel Van Buyten
Banal, Even, Untidy (it’s almost kind, even)

Dino Drpic
Drip In Cod (and on the field at that – eek!)

Carlos Eduardo
Sour Cad Ordeal (Indeed!)

Kevin Prince-Boateng
A Bicker Venting Peon (Nice!)

Patrick Ebert
Car Biter Kept (had they kept him longer, they may have won the title)

Orlando Engelaar
General Anal Odor (well that’s one way to put his playing style)

Mario Gomez
I Go Raze, Mom! (yes you do bonito)

Lukas Podolski
Paid Solo Skulk (EERIE!)

This is a fun exercise, but please shame me with better! icon smile Bundesliga Fanagrams!

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8 Responses to Bundesliga Fanagrams!

  1. diana says:

    How in the world did you managed to think of those, DP? I am laughing out loud! :P

    Because my brain is dead from any further suggestions, I will spare you with the shame.

    Ah…those were the days when doing anagrams was a way to kill time in the classroom. But with the teacher’s permission because she gave us words to do anagrams on. This was many years ago, when yours truly was much younger…in her childhood days, that is. My brain was nearly stretched to the limit in those days.

  2. Double Pivot says:

    I’ll never give away my secret

    *cough* *cough*

  3. Juliet says:

    While I can’t say I see an actual point to this post, it did make me laugh out loud. Especially Engelaar. heehee

  4. Double Pivot says:

    No point at all. Just me being silly :)

  5. Luke says:

    Some other nominees:

    Club Owner:
    Dietmar Hopp=
    Head Tor Pimp

    Head Coach/Worst injury
    Michael Frontzeck=
    Halftime Crock Zen (or so Arminia’s board thought) &
    Inflame Cock Hertz (’nuff said)

    Home Stadium:
    A Weirder Wins Troop (maybe a better description of a team than a stadium, but I like it)

    Herbert Fandel=
    The Blander Ref (He’s no Michael Kempter I guess, but happy trails)

    And finally, our intrepid blogger, Double Pivot=
    Pub Devil Too
    But you expected as much didn’t you?

  6. Double Pivot says:

    I’ve been bested. Damn you Luke *shakes fist*. :)

  7. floormaster squeeze says:

    Thomas Hitzlsperger
    Gathers Helm! Zips Tor!

    Also. . .
    Thrasher Pelts Gizmo
    Telegram (Shh) Zips Tor
    Gleam Thresh Zips Tor

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