Stoke City Supporters Named Worst In Premier League


If we took a quick poll to find out who you think has been the best and most boisterous supporters during the 2008-2009 Premier League season, Stoke City would win the vote hands-down. The incredible amount of noise and hysteria generated by Stoke City fans at the Britannia Stadium has been wonderful to listen to and watch on television.

Unbelievably, though, the Premier League has named Stoke City supporters the worst behaved fans for last season. In their annual Fair Play League for the Behaviour Of The Public, Stoke were named the worst while Fulham were named the best. Here’s the final table based on behaviour:

  1. Fulham, 316 points
  2. Liverpool, 312
  3. Manchester United, 311
  4. Everton, 308
  5. Hull City, 307
  6. Blackburn Rovers, 307
  7. West Bromwich Albion, 307
  8. Chelsea, 306
  9. Manchester City, 304
  10. Middlesbrough, 303
  11. Arsenal, 303
  12. Bolton Wanderers, 301
  13. Sunderland, 301
  14. Newcastle United, 300
  15. Portsmouth, 299
  16. Tottenham Hotspur, 298
  17. Wigan Athletic, 298
  18. West Ham United, 296
  19. Aston Villa, 293
  20. Stoke City, 291

Yes, Stoke City had hooliganism problems during two games this season — against West Ham United and Middlesbrough, but Aston Villa had an incident earlier this season when the assistant referee was hit by a coin, while Wigan Athletic had hooliganism problems at the JJB Stadium too.

Fulham’s finished in first place for the second year in a row. Chelsea supporters were named the worst behaved in the Premier League last year.

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43 thoughts on “Stoke City Supporters Named Worst In Premier League”

  1. I suppose if you define a load of conckney knuckledraggers attempting to get at the stoke fans as “Stoke City had hooliganism problems” then thats true.

    I myself would define it as “west ham had hooligan problems” because that would be something approaching “fact”

  2. How were the points collated for this? Why don’t you publish that?

    Also, it was the West Ham fans that caused the trouble at Stoke this year. They tried to break the corden and faught with the stewards, not the Stoke fans.

    Please get your facts right before you start to give Stoke City bad publicity again!

  3. I think this is Ridiculous, Match of The Day, Sky even Setanta all said that the Britania and The Stoke Fans were the Best all season, Great atmonsphere great croud, i suppose the points were assinged like Paddy Power paid out on relegation.

    City Till I die and we will be the best Fans next season FACT!!!!!

  4. what a load of rubbish.

    Stoke City have even received Thank You letters from the Police congratulating the supporters on their immpeccable behaviour this year.

    I see Manchester United were 3rd in the table, yet behaved like absolute ANIMALS when they came to the Britannia Stadium. Oh but we wouldn’t want to upset poor old victimised Man United would we??? that table is utter, utter dross.

  5. Crap lazy article again on the internet trying to stick the knife into Stoke again, suprise, suprise. As a Stoke fan we behaved and got behind our team.

  6. Absolute rubbish, I hope that you do not get paid to write that tripe!

    1) West Ham fans fought with stewards while Stokies sat and watched.
    2) Middlesbrough thugs started attacking genuine fans which resulted in a bit of hand bags.
    3) Man United trashed our away end
    4) Despite the warnings that Hillsborough brought, Liverpool fans still jumped in over turnstiles at the Brit leading to a very over crowded away end.
    Get your facts write before you start dragging the name of our club back through the dirt. A lot of hard work has been put in by both the club and fans to rid ourselves of this hooligan tag, one that has cost genuine fans dear in the form of imposed away travel cards, early kick off times and outragous treatment at Manchester United and Man City where section 27’s were issued without justification. Your lazy inaccurate journalism hurts the genuine fan, so much that there are a number of Stokies who have taken time out of their day to respond to your garbage. I would suggest that you rewrite this article if you want to restore any thread of journalistic integrity.

    Put that in your league table.

  7. I work at Arsenal and I have to say that this poll is bulls**t. Stoke had by far the best support, you want bad here is a list:
    Man U (CL)

  8. I am a Man United fan but I can’t believe that Stoke finished at the bottom. All clubs will have fans that act like idiots, that is the way it is. I personally thought that Stoke fans have brought an awful lot to the Premier League this season, especially at the Britannia Stadium.

  9. I don’t understand the negative comments here. The Gaffer is not making the claim, and it seems like he does not even support it. He opens the article by saying that he would pick them as the most boisterous supporters in the Prem!

    He’s merely reporting a list produced by the league, and raising a couple of questions about why Stoke ended up at the bottom of the list.

    Perhaps it is that only titles get posted on newsnow that is the problem 😉

  10. Can’t beleive this, i actually can’t beleive that such an idiotic article has been put up by a website with supposed decent knowledge about the league, what a joke! I’d go back to journalism school sonny ’cause you’ve clearly missed a few main tips: firstly, research!

    West Ham fans faught with Stoke City Stewards ad Police while trying to break through the stand in the away end, West Ham hooligans, Stoke fans did nothing! Same again with Middlesborough, their fans started abusing and fighting innocent Stokies and a few of our lads got involved for obvious reasons; protecting others! Man United “Fans” (conincidentally from S-O-T themselves?) made a mess and made a lot of damge in the concourse at our ground; yet i see that they are 3rd? :S Hmmmmm.

    As i said before, what truly shocking journalism from what i usually consider a decent website, don’t think i’l even bother coming ont he site again after reading this ****.

    So why not start giving them the abuse rather than the Gaffer eh??

    See above.
    More evidence of lazy reporting on Stoke. It’s a shame really given that our manager has won two, and players won three of the Inaugural EPL awards. You’d think we’d get taken a little more seriously.

    I appreciate what you’re saying Fred but it’ll be interesting to see if an article appears on here when the section 27 fiasco is finally sorted out. GMP have tarred us with a brush we didn’t deserve this season and for a website that is so taken with tackling deceptive & spineless journalism it’d be nice to see more than this token, throwaway response to a problem we are doing our best to clean up.

  13. so how were the points awarded does anyone know? as a stoke season ticket holder it seems we are being said to be the worst because we make alot of noise and we have pride in our team, as we do support our local team!!!!!
    at some hame matches i have sat and watched away fans try and crawl over into the home fans and shout and hurl abuse at us, and i don’t just mean the friendly banter that all football matches have, i think this artical is very unfair.
    mind you there is no explanation, it is probabaly just a few men sat in an office in suits trying to make a good artical, maybe if they went out to the matches countrywide they would see it as it is, rather than plucking points from this air that no one knows anything about!!!!!! or how we come to get them, at leat have an explanation of your points system and who did the voting if you are going to slate us!!!!

  14. What this website has done is publish a half-story. Yes it’s the Premier League that have produced the league table, however it is EPL-Talk that has regurgitated it without giving the reader the information that lies behind the maths i.e how the points are awarded.
    Please forgive us if we are a little sensitive to criticism of our club, but we have been subject to alot of “lazy journalism” this season, of which this is another example.

  15. Learn to read you morons before you moan at EPLTalk who did not in anyway compile this list. MOAN AT THE PREMIER LEAGUE IDIOTS.

  16. what a load of bloody rubbish. Weve been loud and boisturous, barely a hint of trouble and seeing as the attendence has doubled thats excellent in my opinion.
    as someones pointed out one disturbing thing at the Britt was seeing Liverpools so called “we’re never to blame” fans scaling the gates and doing anything to get in free, just like they did at Hillborough.
    When will they learn, if it had happened again would they be blaming the Stoke Stewards and Police.
    We have nothing to prove we have been inpecable and the person who started this off ought to get a life and find something else to do in his/their spare time

    1. A word of warning to those bringing up Hillsborough:

      It’s insensitive to those of the Scousers that suffered and the Taylor Report pretty much summed it all up.

  17. The strong reaction on here is a product of genuine fans having be tarred with a hooligan tag for the last 15 years.

    And you read the articles again
    “Yes, Stoke City had hooliganism problems during two games this season — against West Ham United and Middlesbrough,” These incidents were caused by Boro and West Ham thugs.

  18. that picture is from the final game of the 2007-2008 season against leicester city when we won promotion to the premier league. i’m the one in the middle

  19. Even the sentence FieldsOfBoothenRoad quotes is fairly tepid. It merely attributes “hooliganism problems” to Stoke City. It does not say that “Stoke City fans are hooligans” or “Stoke City fans caused violence at games against…”

    The Gaffer then goes on to say that these problems were not even particularly unusual or outrageous. In the context of the rest of the article, it is fairly clear that he is suspicious of the place Stoke City found themselves at. He was looking for any evidence or explanation for the ranking, and this is the one he found. He might be right that these incidents contributed to the ranking even if Stoke City fans are not to blame.

    At no point in the article does the Gaffer assign blame, and the tenor of the article is surprise and confusion about Stoke City’s ranking.

  20. the table was probably produced by getting the atmosphere table and flipping it upside down, maybe an atmosphere = bad behaviour because stoke fans have only been involved in one incident this season and that was caused by middlesborough thugs causing trouble near the home end after the game (and they are only ranked 10th) the west ham incident was 100% a west ham problem and the stoke fans should have been awarded 100 fair play points for not reacting. craven cottage is silent, apart from 3 games a season anfield is silent… you can only hear the clicks of japanese cameras at old trafford, the people who compiled the table must have been put off their prawn sandwiches at the stoke game.

  21. that day was great every stokie dream came true no fighting plenty of beer oh and that marker pen didnt come of for ages LOL GO ON STOKE

  22. Stoke fans are beautiful people, and you are wrong to suggest otherwise. I think West Ham and Boro tried to start the trouble at Stoke. I live in Australia, and Hugh Jackman is a Stoke fan, as is actor Dennis Quaid. So there.

  23. The problem here seems to be the voting system is misleading because it makes no effort to identify the source of bad behaviour. The points for this table relate to behaviour of the public, not one set of fans. So for example, while it is a fact that West Ham fans were solely responsible for the problems when the 2 clubs met at Stoke, the public as a whole would be marked down for their unruly behaviour and Stoke as the home side would be punished in the voting. Then you get websites like this twisting the truth and suddenly the blame is shifted from the perpetrators to the victims.

  24. Iam an everton fan and was down the brit when everton won 3 . 2 yes we did get lucky on that day but thats football for u.i knew that day that stoke were not going down so had a little bet and netted me 56 pounds thank u stoke city .To say they have the worst fans what a load off bull .To me and other everton fans all said what an atmosphere and looking forward to next season down the brit .Its the idoits from west ham and manchester that caused all the trouble.WELL DONE STOKE CITY AND ALL YOUR SUPPORTERS THIS SUPPORTERS TABLE NEEDS TURNING UP SIDE DOWN

    1. Erik, that’s the table for the Fair Play league based on how many/few red cards, yellow cards and fouls each team had — it’s got nothing to do with the Public Behavior Fair Play league table.

      The Gaffer

  25. no one wanted or liked stoke in the premiership anyway so it was obvious,but we don’t care,we only care for stoke city and are VERY proud of it so get stuffed you prawn sandwich brigade bunch of idiot’s

  26. Stoke were the worst at Man City last season kicking off in town before the game, you had two different mobs trying to get at our lot in town, also your game at Bolton you trashed their pub, and had 80 lads sent back from Man Utd, so dont bury your heads in the sand lads eh< also heard about you wrecking pubs in Liverpool before your game there

  27. Manchester Blue, before you start spouting this bile try letting people know the truth. Yes some Stoke fans are a rum bunch but the same can be said for everyone of the 92 league clubs in Britain.

    As for having 80 fans sent back from Manchester before the Man Utd game it’s true. However read the following article and you can see that it was unjust and proven to be so in a court of law.

  28. hahah the worst set of fans i have ssen at the britannia is blackburn fans despite them being the loudest to come to the britannia last season, and bringing the best following.

    i work at the britainnia and blackburn fans were the most wild and most thugish set of fans yet.
    i saw a mob of blackburn fans waiting out side. and were casuing alot of trouble

  29. Well danny, we did sell out and we were loud, But i’m pretty sure we weren’t the loudet to go there last season lol… and we did take some lads down but half of em got nick after we met up with cardiff lads and fucked em over at machester picadilly… but overall a top day out (Y)

  30. It’s hardly surprising news. The sight of Stoke fans giving Aaron Ramsey wanker signs as he was carried off the field was truly sickening. As someone said, you guys are pondlife.

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