An Inter Fan’s Summer Transfer Wish

After witnessing Inter Milan crash out of the Champions League Round of 16 to Manchester United, I had the same expression as Javier Zanetti.  An expression like WHAT THE F#$%K.  What will it take for Inter to win the Champions League? 

Here’s an Inter fan’s summer transfer wish list, its short and consists of two players. 

#1 – Sergio “Kun” Agüero

Diego Maradona’s son-in-law has already been linked with a move to Inter and if I were Jose Mourinho I would have this guy signed by now. The Argentine’s talent is undeniable and he has outgrown an underachieving Atlético Madrid. As a person who has championed a playmaker in the middle behind the strikers, Aguero would be a good fit. Mourinho hasn’t really had a playmaker in the middle since Deco from his days with FC Porto. That turned into Mourinho’s Champions League title.  Even Kun Aguero’s father-in-law has suggested that he make the move to Inter.

#2 – Samuel Eto’o

Let’s be honest here, Eto’o is the best striker in the world. As a Barca fan, I don’t want him to ever leave the Camp Nou but if he were to leave I’d want him to play for Inter. Eto’o is big in Champions League, La Liga, Cameroon whatever competition he’s in he scores goals and he scores a ton of them. Barca is working hard to re-sign the star striker but he could be the perfect compliment to Ibrahimovic up front.  Real talk, Ibra isn’t nearly as clutch as Eto’o. 

Adding those two players would make Inter faster and more skillful in their attack.  The reason Inter hasn’t been able to go all the way in Champions League is because they don’t have consistent speedy attacking players to breakdown the quality defenses they encounter in the knockout stages.

Mourinho can coach defense, that’s not a major problem but this Inter squad has to strengthen its attack and what better way than with Aguero & Eto’o.  Nerazzurri have to do something this summer to improve the squad in order to seriously challenge for the Champions League next year.

Its wishful thinking for sure for Inter fans but wishes are meant to come true.

Who should Inter Milan acquire over the summer?
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0 thoughts on “An Inter Fan’s Summer Transfer Wish”

    1. It is important to be a bit more Italian in the Serie A; however, this is Internazionale

      Mou has expressed his desire to add Italians over time, but there are not so many Italians of the quality of Eto’o, Milito & Lucio, who want to come to Como.

      Mario Balotelli is one and there is a strong youth pipeline at Inter.

  1. drogba,lampard,puyol, and cannavaro should be moved to inter, santon and puyol and cannavaro would simply break all threatning attacks+ chivu and samuel. not to mention that muntari and cambiasso and lampard would easily hold the midfeild. ibra and drogba, the best strikers will directly open our way to the top next year.

  2. Giampaolo Pazzini, Fabio Quagliarela, Etc…
    Want Inter to have more local player, btw i like Italy National team too, there are many Italian players, Inter is a Italian Club, so i would like to see more Italian players in Inter..

  3. The Club is called Internazionale; The Club was made because people were upset about AC Milano’s prejudice against international (more specifically non-Italian players). So even though it would be nice to see more Italian players for Inter, the point of the Club is to have International players.

  4. Inter needs better attacking midfielder with the quality to provide ibrahimovic with
    assistance he needs in the champions league….RIBERY would be ideal but difficult…

  5. i think eto’o is the best striker for ibrahimovic tandem and i guarantee inter can win league champion next season if eto’o come to giussepe meazza…bravo inter milan

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