EPL Talk: Runner-Up In Best British Blog Category

epl-talk-logo.jpgThanks to everyone who voted for EPL Talk in the 2008 Soccerlens Awards. Alas, EPL Talk didn’t win, but we did achieve the runner-up spot in the Best British Blog category, as well as having the honor of narrowly beating The Guardian’s Football Weekly in the Best Football Podcast category. Take that Barry Glendenning ; )

In the coming weeks, stay tuned to EPL Talk for some big changes including a brand-new redesign, new podcast interviews, more posts and more. I won’t let the cat out of the bag quite yet, but I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the enhancements.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming!

3 thoughts on “EPL Talk: Runner-Up In Best British Blog Category”

  1. scott won it cause he happened to run an all united blog! i voted for him too… if mancunia wasnt all united like it is, my vote wouldd have surely ended up with ya… gr8 work neverthless.. keep it comin~!

  2. what you fail to mention is that you didnt win best podcast, Arseblog did., and by alot, an astounding 72% to your slim 8%. when will you give arseblog some credit. world soccer daily even had the arseblogger on the show, why cant you have an interview with him? respect where respect is due.

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