Donovan to Bayern: The Right Move


Landon Donovan is arguably the greatest footballer ever produced in the United States. This past MLS season, Donovan dominated the opposition, despite being on one of the worst teams in the league. Now Landon Donovan begins the nest phase of his career in Germany, with a ten day trial at legendary club Bayern Munich.

Jurgen Klinsmann knows Donovan better than any manager in Europe having watched him up close while living in Southern California. Martin Vasquez, Klinsmann’s assistant previously was on the staff of the Galaxy and played in MLS himself. This is the right move for Donovan. Right now Landon Donovan is in the prime of his career and if he can impress Bayern Munich with his technical skill and football savvy, he can play anywhere on the planet.

Some critics in the United States have made up allegedly funny nicknames and songs to describe Landon Donovan’s lack of motivation as they see it. These critics who seldom ever follow MLS or the US National Team and probably don’t follow the Bundesliga either will never get off Donovan’s back. But this seems to have had a motivating affect on the player who is eager to prove his critics wrong and become the best he can be at the same time. Donovan, the winner of three MLS Cups realizes the league’s poor quality isn’t helping him grow as a player. He’s seen inferior American talents go abroad and excel and now he’s ready to do the same.

Landon Donovan will be successful wherever he chooses (or is allowed) to ply his trade. His fitness level and technical skill have made him an American footballing icon. Now it’s Europe’s turn to understand why we think so highly of him on this side of the pond.

8 thoughts on “Donovan to Bayern: The Right Move”

  1. I think Donovan could do great in Germany. I believe it is time for him to leave the MLS and look for some international recognition.

    And I agree with you, he could potentially be the best soccer player America ever produced.

    Any predictions for the Fire vs. Crew game? El “Mellizo” Barros Schelotto contra Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Blanco?

  2. Donavan will be fortunate to hammer down a starting. The pace and quality of Germany are so much different from MLS that there are serious doubts about whether or not he can flourish there. He is the US's biggest name, but was an abject failure at BL. Hopefully, I am wrong, but my doubts are strong.

  3. I think Bayern is the wrong place at the wrong time for him. With everything going pear shaped in Munich and the bad publicity he already endures, he's going to have to walk on water to avoid getting slagged off and run out of town the minute Klinnsman is sacked.


  4. He just needs to take the international move with a heaping spoonful of humility. He will not be the star at a big club like Bayern. Heck, he'll be lucky to get much playing time. Of course he knows this. It's all a matter of what he wants to get out of his international stint. Is it to improve as a player? To be a star? Money? Whatever it is, I wish the best for him, but, from the spectator's point of view, it doesn't look like a good fit for him at BM.

  5. @BishopvilleRed: “With everything going pear shaped in Munich”?!?!?! 5-0-1 in their last six Bundesliga games and 2-0-2 in the Champions league.

    @Ian, totally agree, why go if he won't play, and how do they get him on the field with the current FCB squad.

  6. It may not be the right move going to bayern. I'm just afraid he will not get the playing time he thinks he deserves, and I totally agree with Ian here. I'd like to see him playing week in and week out, I just don't that will happen for him at Bayern. Like Ian said he has to absolutely let go of his ego and understand he will not be a big fish in a small pond anymore. Good luck to Landon though I hope succeeds.

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