One Wish For The 2008/2009 Premier League Season

premier-league-logo1.jpgFor the upcoming Premier League season, I have one wish.

If you’re a neutral follower of the league, as I am, all I wish is that we can find a team that has the balls to play attractive, attacking football and that isn’t afraid to go for the jugular against the Big Four. Simply put, I’m looking for an underdog who is pleasing to watch, delivers results, makes opposition teams work harder and is something you can believe in.

In previous seasons, it was Wigan Athletic (2005-2006), Reading (2006-2007) and Fulham (latter half of 2007-2008).

Right now, the only team I think is capable of winning hearts and minds this season — outside the Big Four — is Tottenham. What do you think? Who could be the surprise underdog of the 2008/2009 season?

11 thoughts on “One Wish For The 2008/2009 Premier League Season”

  1. I’m the most excited about a season since 1994 when Spurs signed Klinsmann, Dimitrescu and Popescu. Ah, halycon days. Spurs can do it with a bit of luck and keeping Woodgate and King fit.
    As long as the other 5 teams City, Everton, Pompey,Villa and West Ham can deliver as well, we could be in for the best Premiership season ever.

  2. Keep an eye out for the Boro.

    I’m not suggesting they have the potential to break the big-4 like Spurs have. But Southgate has assembled a squad of young, fast players. You could see in flashes last year the type of football he wants them to play, and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the goals didn’t come even when we were destroying teams, and the football couldn’t be sustained in long enough periods.

    But if his new additions, plus the extra time for last season’s new boys to bed down, means it all clicks this year, it will be a treat.

    And yes, we could be rubbish.

    I think Boro / Spurs will be the game of the day tomorrow.

  3. I concur with Phil’s points on Boro. I think Emnes is going to be a breakout player this season and will give Boro a second winger to complement Downing on the left side.

    There are many other good young players on the squad like Didier Digard, Rhys Williams, etc.

    I’ll be posting my thoughts on week 1 of my Boro fan experience later today or tomorrow.

  4. Well, if you’re looking for ‘attractive, attacking football’, Villa did outscore Liverpool and Chelsea (and Tottenham) last season…

  5. Toss me in the Boro camp, i tiped them to go down last year and they came very good second half of the season and I feel they can push on now. They are very good against the top 4.

  6. Villa for me is the team to watch out for. They have quietly made some good acquisitions and now have a totally revamped defense. They will have no problem scoring goals and if they get off to a good start the Barry drama may be forgotten quickly. Spurs will have the talent to break into the top four but I think with so many new players it may take awhile for them to become cohesive. Although they have looked dominating in pre-season it will be interesting to see if they can keep up their form once the games have meaning. The loss of Keane could be huge. Bale will have a breakout season.

  7. I agree- Villa are the team to watch. I’ve been talking Tottenham up for a few weeks, but I don’t think that they will be the same team without Berba AND Keane.

    Villa have made some great pick-ups. I’m especially interested to see what Sidwell is capable of – is he still the same guy we saw running the show at Reading two years ago, or does he spend this year working the splinters out of his shorts? How does he work with Barry?

    Portsmouth are another squad to look out for. Defoe has been on a tear so far this preseason – is Crouch the sidekick he’s been waiting for? If so, can their aging defense still lock people down? I think that Harry Redknapp is one of the shrewdest managers in the league – it will be interesting to see if he can put it all together this year.

  8. I feel this could be the best season of the EPL since it was put together. Every single team in the top 10 looks incredibly strong and it looks as though a few teams could break into the Big 4. There are also many teams capable of going into the UEFA Cup too. :)
    It also looks as though we may have a pretty good relegation battle as well and there could be a few surprises near the end 😉
    I’ve never been more excited for a new season (except for a few of the kits…which I feel look dreadful in some cases) and I hope Villa finish as good or even better than last season 😀

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