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Wigan Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

new wigan away shirt Wigan Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

Wigan Athletic has unveiled their new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season, which is a flourescent yellow shirt designed by Champion.While Wigan’s new home shirt is elegant, the new away one is horrid. The shirt looks very similar to Chelsea’s failed experiment from last season when their away shirt was also flourescent yellow. Thanks to Football Shirts for the tip.

What are your thoughts about the new away shirt design? Share your feedback by clicking the comments link below.

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10 Responses to Wigan Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

  1. MAO says:

    You go it, this is awful. Absolutely terrible. I just don’t understand why clubs think these neon shirts look good. No more than one year on this one, too.

  2. Ph0BoLuS says:

    Hahaha…Time for Wigan fans to feel the pain of having their team run around in fluorescent yellow kits…

  3. Sandy says:

    This seems more fit for a rave party than for on the pitch. Chelsea’s attempt at Crayola’s “laser lemon” color already failed miserably, does Wigan think that following their example will make their players comparable to the likes of Lampard and Drogba?

  4. Gaz says:

    Its bad. Worse than the home kit which I terrible. And I’m a Wigan fan, I’m not buying any shirts this season! That JJB logo just makes a bad shirt even worse. Mind you, its not as bad as our old heinz sponsored shirt that looked like someone had dropped several tins of red, black, blue and white paint on the players before kick off!

  5. JaBbA says:

    Amazing that a team is trying this again. It was bad for Barcelona, Bad for Chelsea – what are they thinking?

    This goes #2 on the worst shirts list – right after the Bolton Home Harness.

  6. Wow that is awful, what is it with teams looking like construction workers now?

  7. The Gaffer says:

    The more I look at it, the more it looks like a ref’s shirt.

    The Gaffer

  8. That shade of flourencent yellow looks good on no one. My female fashion sense is offended by it, altho Peter Cechs GK kit offends more but not by much. That is a horrible color for anyone to wear.

  9. VamosUnited says:

    That jersey makes kittens vomit.

  10. joeyjoejoejunior says:

    Wigan fan here – Its truly awful, we all expected it to be sponsored by Vizwear, which is a sister company of JJB i think, which make hi Visibilty clothing.

    Still better than boltons though

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