Euro 2008 – Predictions from the gut

It’s been a couple weeks since I initially posted but I’m back with some predictions for the European Championships (13 days away).

Group A: Winner – Portugal; Runner-up – Switzerland

Group B: Winner – Germany; Runner- up – Croatia

Group C: Winner – Netherlands; Runner-up – Italy

Group D: Winner – Spain; Runner-up – Russia

Final Four: Portugal v. Germany;  Netherlands v. Spain

Final: Germany v. Netherlands

Winner: Netherlands

I really have no rhyme or reason for these predictions – these are simply just hunches.  I know everyone loves predictions so I’m putting them out here more or less to get them out of the way.  I’m sure that within the first round of games, I’ll be hopelessly off the mark.  I know that other pundits have Spain as a winner because of the impressive collection of talent but something about Spain as well as Portugal has always failed to impress me in big tournaments.  Thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Euro 2008 – Predictions from the gut”

  1. i bet the germans will win it this year. seeing as were not in it, i can just imagine them winning it rubbing salt into our wounds.

  2. Germans or Italians are probably the obvious choices. I’m not sold on Portugal (no CF) or the Netherlands (continue squad unrest and defence looks leaky although not essentially the problem). Both teams on paper aren’t as strong as the Italians, Germans, French or Spain. I’ll be pulling for Spain and will hope Ricardo Quaresma lights it up but my prediction is no fun, its Italy.

  3. My Predictions:

    -Turkey (surprise of group A)


    (really tough group. I’m guessing Italy doesn’t make it)

    (another very tough group; Greece looked strong in qualifying. I think 2nd is a tossup between Russia – who’ve looked good and are fun to watch – and Greece. Sweden will finish last unless super-Larsson has another unbelievable run of form)

  4. Well I think that the surprise team of the tournament will be Croatia….if they are even considered a “SURPRISE” team…

  5. Group A
    -Czech republic

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D

    Portugal v Croatia (PORTUGAL)
    Germany v Czech Republic (GERMANY)
    France v Russia (FRANCE)
    Spain v Italy (ITALY)

    Portugal v Germany (PORTUGAL)
    France v Italy (FRANCE)

    Portugal v France (PORTUGAL!)

    Germany v Italy (GERMANY)

    I am actually unsure of whether Holland or Italy will make it out of the group between them two as I think France will make it all the way to the final if not win it all. Then when it comes to Portugal, I am having second thoughts about them winning it all, especially when they have to go through the likes of Germany, which seems a stretch. I have a gut feeling Portugal can do it this year, but Germany are a better team overall as are France.

  6. hahahaha its funny cause italy or france will b at the bottom of the group… or they might both be at the bottom if romania beat netherlands. And yes romania have a good chance of beating them since in our preliminary matches we tied them and beat them…

  7. the qualifying matches don’t have as much to do with whether or not romania beats holland than the fact that holland are going to be resting a majority of their superstars.

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