Greg Lalas: Making Our Point

As readers of our site know, I don’t like to link to articles of other writers. This site is successful because of our original content. However, Greg Lalas who is of course Alexi Lalas’ east coast based brother has made every point I consistently make on the American Soccer Show and in debates with my eurosnob brethren more concisely and articulately than I ever can do, I urge all of our readers to click the below link and read his piece.

5 thoughts on “Greg Lalas: Making Our Point”

  1. Sorry to make an unrelated comment, but something you might be interested in.

    Fox Soccer Channel has announced it has secured English language TV rights to the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Tournament. FSC will show all USA group matches, both semifinals, the third place match and the final.

    ESPN Deportes has gotten the Spanish language rights and will air all 16 matches.

  2. Thanks, Jeffy. Also I noticed ESPN 360 is advertising the event as well.

    This will be exciting for sure. We have to qualify.

  3. I think that article sums up the reason why MLS, has made a push to bring in more Latin American players. In my opinion its a more attractive game, then just sending long balls out of the back. I also think it will help the development of American players as they gain more confidence on the ball as well as attacking defenders.

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but when you have obstacles in the straight line, shorter passes are much more effective, and personally more enjoyable. Thanks for the link its right on target.


  4. I think American players need to look beyond the EPL. They should be looking at Holland, Portugal, Scotland… Leagues where they will get more consistent playing time, more time on the ball, and can make mistakes without getting dropped. There is so much money riding on every EPL game that if you make one mistake you can get dropped. Especially if you are a cheap foreign player. The better option is to apply your trade in another league and make the jump to the EPL after a few years starting in a teir 2 league.

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