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Episode Six of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast is now online. Unfortunately we had technical problems while attempting to tape our weekly conversation with BC John, but still have a good give and take with Michael Haley regarding the U-20 World Cup, Copa America and everything else going on in the world of US Soccer. Check out the podcast at

4 thoughts on “Latest Podcast Released”

  1. The brit bashing of the host and guests continued on this episode. This is probably the only show Alexi Lalas could listen to and feel at home with, other than the constant shots at the Galaxy, but it is a show that completely ignores the English game, which means it is truly not a show about anything important in football.

  2. Doofus thankfully is no longer on the show. Howard Rogers who replaced him is more tolerant of MLS and Landon Donovan. He still has a brit like attitude to all things American in footy, but I’ll just put it this way- when Nick was still on the show I had sworn off of it forever, now that he’s been replaced I am listening almost every day. The new guy has been watching the U-20s closely and discussing the US team, something Geber never would have done.

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