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Thoughts on Germany-Costa Rica

Germany 600x449 Thoughts on Germany Costa Rica

Jurgen Klinsmann has taken lots of criticism for his attacking style and his decision to continue to live in California while managing the national team. . While the critics may continue to persist, Klinsmann’s Germany side scored 4 goals today and beat Coast Rica 4-2. Miroslav Klose picked up where he left off in the last World Cup with 2 goals. I was also very impressed with Torsten Frings, not only for his rocket goal but for his command of the midfield with Michael Ballack missing. However, Costa Rica looked dangerous going forward and Klinsmann must consider making adjustments at the back to contain speedy strikers that the Germans may face in the future.

Paulo Wanchope scored twice and was just offsides a few other times where he easily got behind the German defense. I had made the mistake in the Group A preview of a few weeks back of saying that Wanchope had lost some speed and his best days were behind him. Clearly based on today’s performance I was wrong and Costa Rica despite dropping the opener has a decent shot of advancing through the group stage. Douglas Sequeira who plays in MLS for Real Salt Lake had a good game for Costa Rica as he took Lukas Podolski, the Germany wonderkid out of the match almost entirely. Jose Porras made two goalkeeping errors for Costa Rica one of which resulted in a devastating second half goal by Klose, which ultimately changed the game. The World Cup as we all know can turn on a dime or one minor goalkeeping error.

Both teams played well, and Costa Rica certainly has enough offensive firepower to feel good about their chances in the final two games. Germany is obviously one of the world’s elite teams and they showed it again today.

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13 Responses to Thoughts on Germany-Costa Rica

  1. Xavier says:

    Yes, tough results for the Ticos. Germany controlled possesion and dominated the game flow, but the counter attacks by the Ticos were excellent and all right on the mark. Good Football on both sides, and I liked Klinsmann’s move to bring Neuville on latye to add some veteran leadership at the front.

  2. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    If Germany plays defense like they did today if England plays them, then Rooney and Crouch will both have hat tricks. Germany clearly doesn’t have the cohesion or disipline at the back to be a real factor down the roads.

  3. hat trick peter crouch says:

    Ecuador looks really good. They’ll scorte a bundle against Germany also.

  4. Tim L says:

    Germany looked solid. Wanchope may have been offsides on C.R. 2nd goal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good performance from Ecuador. Poland once again in this world cup looks like road kill. Didn’t our esteemed author pick them to advance to the 2nd round?

  6. Kartik says:

    Right on anonymous, I did not realize Poland would come out totally flat for the second straight finals. I did think about Ecuador more than most sicne I actually said in my preview I thought they had a shot to surprise. Most “experts” had dismissed them as one of the weakest sides in the cup because of a lack of european experience. Ecuador’s victory is a good sign for the USA and Mexico that they can be very successful on the European continent without European based players. I’m not sure if ECU has any european based players, but they really took it to the Poles, dominating until the last 8 minutes or so.

  7. Xavier says:

    The attacking style of Ecuador is a bit a typical for a South American side. They push the ball down the flanks and seem to be at least decent in the air inspite of a height disadvantage.

    Can they beat Germany? Doubtful, but they certainly will get some chances to finish with Germany’s back line difficulties.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kahn in Lehman out for Germany!

  9. Colin says:

    Just wait until this afternoon when we really launch this world cup. I am so confident with Rooney now back that I have placed 1,000 big ones on us winning the cup. Only Brazil can come close to us, but they are aging and weak at the back, and Rooney, Crouch, Owen and Garrard will have a field day on them.

  10. Winterburn says:

    I was impressed with Ecuador. They can give Germany a strong game. Don’t be shocked if they beat them!

  11. Zizou06 says:

    Actually, I have a different view on the Germany v. Costa Rica match. Most people on here are saying that both sides played well.

    While it was a good game (I won’t take that away from the teams), I think the goals that both teams needed to accomplish at the end of this match were not met.

    Yes, Germany beat Costa Rica. Yes, it was 4-2. But two things I have to point out. One, Germany should have had more than 4 goals against the Ticos. Second, Germany shouldn’t have let the Ticos score two goals. I think that Germany really needed a clean sheet or a one goal game, while they would have to score five or more themselves. They fell short of this goal. They didn’t make a statement, like they did in 2002 with their 8-0 win over the Saudis.

    I think that Costa Rica almost accomplished what they needed to, but they allowed one goal too many. If the game would have been 3-2 or 2-1, then they might have been in a better position.

    I don’t see Costa Rica winning another game. As far as Germany, they will advance, but can’t play like they did today against a top tier team, or they will be killed.

  12. Federico says:

    I agree that Costa Rica is a lower tier team in this World Cup and the mere fact that they were able to get several breakaway opportunities and score twice is a very bad sign for Germany going forward. Poland played poorly today but will be fired up with their backs against the wall against the arch rivals. While Germany is at home, they have less of a home field advantage over Poland than they do over Costa Rica.

    Ecuador moved the ball well and held possession today. That a recipie for a draw or maybe even a victory against a German team that is so weak at the back.

    I like Paraguay’s chances to draw or even upset England tomorrow. Unlike past years, Paraguay has a number of attacking options and England’s outside backs seem to be shaky at best.

    Cannot wait for Mexico and the USA to begin their cups in the next few days!

  13. Torres says:

    Germany has issues they need to resolve. It’s strange because in the past Germany has been so tough at the back and strong and physical too. This go round they play more like a Latin or Italian team with attacking flair but little defense. This having been said, they have a real aresnal of top players at their disposal.

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