For fans in the US, the TV information for Euro 2024 is a great complement to the Copa America this summer. Both competitions are available on FOX. Yet, the TV information for the European Championship has several nuances that need to be accounted for. For example, FOX and Fox Sports 1 do not have coverage of all 51 games at Euro 2024, while they do for the Copa America.

For Euro 2024, the only place to watch every single game is through Fubo. FOX sublicensed the European Championship to Fubo, which allotted five exclusive games to the streaming platform. Fubo provides access to both FOX and Fox Sports 1. Therefore, Fubo is the best place to watch the Euros this summer.

However, it is still a confusing landscape in terms of US TV and streaming. Other options, including cable, satellite and streaming, can provide coverage of the majority of games. Here is an explanation of how to watch the European Championship in its entirety this summer.

As seen, the five exclusive games on Fubo do not jump off the page. Yet, given the talent on display for every team at the Euros, there is reason to tune in. For example, Georgia and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia are playing in the Euros for the first time in the nation’s history. Ukraine is putting together a remarkable story as a qualifier for the Euros while representing the war-torn country.

If you do not have Fubo, you will miss those games. However, other streaming platforms or TV providers will have FOX and FS1. Additionally, 29 games will air on the FOX over-the-air channel. Consequently, you will not need any kind of subscription to watch those games. That will include the semifinals and Euro 2024 Final, as well as ample group-stage contests.

Euro 2024 is first for FOX on US TV

With those 29 games on FOX and five available only on Fubo, the final 17 are on Fox Sports 1. This includes half of the simultaneous kickoffs in matchday three of the group stage. With six groups of four teams, each of the four teams in a group will play at the same time. This regularly shapes up drama as teams must respond to what happens in the other game in their group.

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Those games will be a part of what FOX is calling ‘sunrise to sunset’ coverage that coincides with the Copa America. In the mornings and early afternoons, FOX will focus on the European Championships. There are at least two games per day throughout the group stage and early knockout stages in the European Championship. Therefore, the live content on FOX truly does never stop.

FOX has experience with massive competitions. For example, it has been the home of the World Cup since the 2018 tournament in Russia. Also, it broadcast the 2021 Copa America and numerous Gold Cups. The European Championship has a massive following due to the number of European soccer fans in the United States. The pressure will be on FOX to deliver during the Euros and an expanded Copa America.

World Soccer Talk has the full schedule for the European Championship available, and further TV information will come out as the tournament nears..