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/ 112 days ago

Top soccer leagues in the world as ranked by Opta

One of the soccer fans' favorite things to debate is how strong one league is compared to another. A club winning La Liga, such as Real Madrid this season, is not the same task as one of the three clubs battling it out in the Premier League. Given the differences in the quality of the […]

Brasileiro League

/ 296 days ago

Best soccer leagues in the world according to Opta

Debating the best soccer leagues in the world can be a fun exercise. But beyond personal opinions, it's possible to quantify the argument with some data to back it up. Thanks to the sports analytics gurus at Opta, we can do just that. Opta's Power Rankings assign an "ability score" of 0-100 to each club, […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 344 days ago

MLS ranked 29th strongest league in the world, per Opta

Earlier this year, sports intelligence agency Twenty-First Group ranked MLS as the 29th most competitive soccer league in the world. Since then, a lot has changed in Major League Soccer and other leagues around the world including the Saudi Pro League. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is that MLS is still ranked number 29 […]


/ 5982 days ago

Do stats tell the story?

One thing I've always lamented since starting to follow soccer seriously is the lack of statistics that are readily available to the average fan. Other sports (I think of American baseball and football for examples) tend to have large volumes of statistics available to fuel fan debates about who really is the most dominant team, […]