When we heard reports that the USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online, we had to take a closer look. We wanted to share what they look like as well as giving our opinion on them.

First things first, these shirts are simply rumored to be the final World Cup shirts. Oftentimes, especially for clubs, a number of rumors spread about the potential kits for the following season. However, in a World Cup year, U.S. Soccer and the USMNT will look for big sales in the side’s return to the biggest competition.

Nike, which took over the manufacturing for the USMNT shirts after the 1994 World Cup, occasionally tries the bizarre. The most recent third shirt, worn in games during 2022 World Cup qualifying, has wild patterns on it. Yet, the norm for the U.S. is simplicity.

The alleged USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online echo simplicity, perhaps encapsulating a wider audience.

USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online

The two potential USMNT shirts that follow are just that: potential. U.S. Soccer releases information upon the official announcement, which generally comes a few months in advance of the World Cup.

The home strip is a simple white with dark blue shorts. It bears similarities to the 2016 home kit in terms of the shoulders being somewhat different.

There will, of course, be a number in the middle of the front of the jersey.

The away kit is virtually the same as the home kit, just with different colors.

Early reaction

These jerseys are simple. That is not to say they are bad, but the kits are not overly impressive. The USMNT and Nike have an opportunity to show off the best roster of American potential in the federation’s history. These jerseys, while they could be part of something special, are not memorable.

Take, for example, the kits worn in the 2017 Gold Cup or the red-striped jerseys just before the 2014 World Cup. Those kits are memorable, providing something fans can remember visually for the USMNT.

Simple is the safe play. This jersey will not upset anybody because it does not take any risks. However, in five to 10 years, few people will recount this jersey and say ‘wow, that was something special.

These are special times, and the USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online do not resemble the occasion.

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Photo: John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images