Although streaming now dominates the media scene, DirecTV remains a popular option for many people in terms of entertainment. The satellite company is one of the most dominant providers in the industry. Although, that influence curtailed over the last decade.

The provider launched in 1994. In terms of media, that is decently long ago. The media conglomerate competes primarily with DISH, the other major satellite provider in the United States. Both carry hundreds of channels to cater to sports, entertainment, movies, TV shows, educational shows and other forms of content.

With such a wealth of content, there are multiple languages available to choose from. Predominantly, these are Spanish and English because of the demographics of the United States.

Similarly, DirecTV is fairly expensive. For one, the most basic option comes in at $64.99 per month. This is comparable to other TV providers, so no major shock there. However, this does not include certain packages to sports or entertainment channels. In that case, the next price options are $69.99, $84.99 then a whopping $134.99.

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Again, there is still a chance that soccer content will not be available in some of these packages. Certain inclusions are sports-oriented, meaning there is more soccer content.

AT&T bought the satellite service in 2015, then changed it around. Now, DirecTV is a separate entity, but still under AT&T ownership. The rebrand comes as a result of the continued move to digital and streaming content rather than cable or satellite options.

The traditional satellite provider followed suit, launching DirecTV Stream, but for the same price points as the satellite TV counterpart.

Regardless, for soccer fans, DirecTV may not boast as impressive resume as years prior. Still, the channels on the provider allow a solid mix for fans of different competitions.

Soccer on DirecTV

As stated previously, there is potential for hundreds of channels on the provider. It all depends on the plan that fits your budget. Overall, the majority of channels that carry soccer coverage in the United States have a spot on DirecTV.

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The Premier League goes through NBC, which is available through DirecTV. However, outside of that, most major European leagues go through streaming services.

Paramount+, ESPN+ and Peacock dominate the major soccer landscape. Still, if any games do appear on regular TV, DirecTV has the channels.

The one exception is beIN SPORTS. For years, the provider carried the channel. However, following a contract and rights dispute in 2018, the provider dropped the channel.

Other than that, most channels that carry soccer frequently in the United States (ESPN, NBCSN, Univision, FOX) all have a spot on the DirecTV lineup.

Soccer Providers

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