Now just over a half-year out, some soccer fans are wondering Where will the 2022 World Cup happen? For the first time in its history, the world’s biggest sporting event goes to the Middle East.

Beginning on November 21, the upcoming 2022 World Cup takes place in Qatar. FIFA, the international governing body of the sport, holds a lengthy process for selecting a World Cup host. The proceedings for 2022 back in 2009. Initially, five countries submitted proposals to host the World Cup. Those are Qatar, South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States. No countries from Europe submitted a bid because Russia, a member of UEFA, hosted the 2018 World Cup.

A winning country needs a majority of 12 votes by FIFA’s congress. Therefore, the voting process took five rounds to decide a winner. In the end, Qatar beat out the United States to host the competition. However, in something of a consolation, the U.S. earned hosting rights in 2026. That will be a joint-hosted tournament with neighboring Canada and Mexico.

Where will the 2022 World Cup happen?

Qatar, a Middle Eastern country on the Persian Gulf, there are firsts for this historic tournament. For the first time, the World Cup takes place in the winter months of November and December. Summer temperatures in Qatar regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Obliviously, this creates problems for both players and fans in attendance.

The decision to have the World Cup in Qatar created a fair bit of controversy. For one, the move out of the summer months draws ire from club soccer fans. Many leagues are in the thick of their competition in those months. Now, clubs take a monthlong hiatus with only a week on either side of the World Cup. Also, Qatar came under fire for human rights issues. For example, allegations of slavery and inhumane conditions for migrant workers in building the World Cup stadiums. Plus, there are issues of homophobia and sexism continuing to flare up in the nation.

Thirty-two teams will make the trip to Qatar in November. Not all the teams are quite yet decided. While the groups are in place, there is still a European playoff between Ukraine, Scotland and Wales. Then, two intercontinental playoffs happen in the summer. First off, Peru plays either Australia or the United Arab Emirates. Also, Costa Rica battles New Zealand in a one-off game to get to the World Cup.