This past weekend’s matches were a perfect advertisement for the Premiership and Fox Soccer Channel.

Four of the five were classics: Newcastle 3-1 Bolton, Man City 2-1 Sunderland, Chelsea 2-1 West Brom, and Wigan 1-2 Man United. The only disappointing match being the nil nil draw between Liverpool and Charlton.

When was the last time you remember so many nailbiter games in one weekend? In all of the games, any of the losing teams could have nicked a win or a draw. And the quality of skill on display was fantastic. Newcastle are playing like a dream now against an equally impressive Bolton side. Sunderland were agonizingly close to a vital point against a brilliant Manchester City side (two goals inside the first ten minutes).

And the West Brom versus Chelsea match was full of controversy with Bryan Robson and Jose Mourinho clashing on the touchline.

Liverpool’s first half display against Charlton, meanwhile, was first class and the London side could have easily been two nil down if it wasn’t for the acrobatic saves by Myhre.

The quality of passion, skill, determination, speed and end-to-end action from these games sum up why the English Premiership is the greatest club league in the world.