The United States women’s national team was given a major monetary boost following the men’s victory against Iran on Tuesday. Because of a previous agreement, each USWNT player will now receive $380,000 following the massive men’s match.

Unions for both U.S. teams agreed a new collective bargaining deal back in May. Prior to the agreement, the two teams were essentially competing for resources from the United States Soccer Federation. Under the the new terms, however, the men’s and women’s teams are working together to benefit both unions.

Players on both sides happy with deal

USMNT and Nashville SC defender Walker Zimmerman previously spoke on the deal. “I’m really excited to start this partnership almost fresh, a clean slate. We’re working together,” stated Zimmerman.

“We have accomplished so much together with this revolutionary CBA, and certainly we’re [going to] be cheering like crazy, because that’s exactly what this CBA is. It’s equal. We will be their biggest fans. I’m sure they will be our biggest fans, as well.”

Midge Purce, USWNT forward and union committee member, was also thrilled with the deal. “I think what this CBA does is it finally creates that ‘One Nation. One Team.’ And I think that it’s really brought us together under that ideology that we’ve been chasing after for a really long time,” said Purce.

USMNT, USWNT split World Cup prize money

Under the new agreement, 90% of the World Cup prize money awarded to the USSF will be equally shared between the USMNT team and the 2023 USWNT World Cup squad.

If the size of the Women’s World Cup rosters is expanded to 26 players, like the men’s teams, each player would receive $380,769 in prize money. FIFA is reportedly awarding about $440 million to the 32 participating countries at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The world’s governing body of the sport previously shelled out $30 million to the 2019 Women’s World Cup nations.


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