Athens (AFP) – Europe’s top clubs have dropped a proposal for a Super League made up of the continent’s strongest teams amid opposition by UEFA, their association said Tuesday.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of the European Club Association (ECA), said the teams had approved a Champions League reform format after talks in Athens with UEFA director of competitions Giorgio Marchetti.

“We did agree completely with the reform of the 2018-2021 cycle of the Champions League and Europa League… we have a common project to defend,” the Bayern Munich president told reporters.

“We are fine with the reform, we are happy to stay under the umbrella of UEFA.

“So there is no discussion… about Super League,” he said.

Last week, UEFA had rejected the idea after speculation that the top sides were seeking the formation of an exclusive European league which would see a closed competition of 20 sides from the continent.

As for the club competition reforms, Rummenigge said it is “very good news for all clubs in Europe” as all sides will benefit.

“It is a fair, qualitative and serious decision that speaks to our solidarity in European club football. The reform will make the Champions League more emotional and stronger than every before,” Rummenigge said.

He added that the reforms will benefit not only the major clubs “but especially the middle sized teams who will benefit the most”.

Rummenigge however called on FIFA and UEFA to reduce their number of competitions as “they cause much stress on players” who have a gruelling club schedule throughout the year.

The ECA general assembly was attended by 155 member clubs who met to discuss the future of European club competitions.