Soccer is, without a doubt, a prevalent topic of interest in the United States. The sport continues to grow in the United States, with more fans each year following domestic and international teams and competitions. Naturally, those fans search for information and news online for their favorites. So, what are the top soccer websites in the United States?

According to media analytics firm Comscore, the top 10 soccer websites in the USA from this past August include some very familiar names:

Top 10 Soccer Websites

(Figures below reflect total unique visitors from August 2023; U.S. traffic across desktop and mobile; data measured by industry leader ComScore)

  1. – 3,793,000
  2. – 2,487,000
  3. – 1,674,000
  4. – 1,294,000
  5. – 904,000
  6. – 812,000
  7. – 792,000
  8. – 323,000
  9. – 317,000
  10. – 256,000

News sites and find themselves at numbers one and three respectively.

Meanwhile, Major League Soccer, US Soccer, and FIFA make up the balance of the top five. In August, MLS was in the thick of Messi mania, as the star’s arrival and his club’s torrid run en route to a Leagues Cup title was the talk of the soccer world. The influx of casual fans looking for every tidbit of info on the biggest star in the game helped drive traffic to the MLS website.

After the top five, it’s the Premier League, the most popular league competition in the world.

World Soccer Talk ranks among the top 10 soccer sites in the US

Seventh place is right here, World Soccer Talk, with over three-quarters of a million unique visitors in August, not including visitors from outside the United States. That’s more than double the total of the next entry on the list. Football 365, Futbolete, and Team Talk round out the top ten.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our readers for helping make World Soccer Talk one of the top soccer sites in the US.

August 2023 Data courtesy of Comscore