Hull City midfielder Tom Huddlestone scored for his club today, and proceeded to get his hair cut on the sidelines during the match.

It’s been over a year since midfielder Tom Huddlestone made the pledge that he wasn’t going to cut his hair until he scored a goal. During that time, he played several games for Tottenham Hotspur but didn’t score. Then he was transferred to Hull City in August 2013 where his goal drought continued until today. Huddlestone grabbed a goal against Fulham.

Huddlestone then ran over to the sidelines and got his hair cut, while the Hull City supporters sang “He’s cutting his hair, he’s cutting his hair, Tom Huddlestone is cutting his hair.”

The last time Huddlestone scored was April, 2011. And today’s goal was the perfect birthday present for the 27-year-old footballer.

To make matters even better, Hull City won the match 6-0.

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