Outgoing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp seems intent on going out with a bang. The German coach is set to play out his final few matches at the club before stepping away to receive some much-needed rest. The Reds were previously in place to potentially target four trophies in their manager’s final campaign. Nevertheless, it seems as if a sole Carabao Cup will have to suffice for the legendary manager.

While his team has faltered heading into the home stretch of the season, Klopp has opted not to go quietly into the sunset. Instead, the coach has ripped the Premier League‘s schedule, as well as their broadcasting partners. The German spoke to the media on Friday ahead of their massive match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. The two teams are set to face off at 11:30 a.m. ET.

Klopp, Liverpool have played more early kickoffs on Saturday than any other club

Although the game is one of the later English top-flight matches of the weekend, Klopp vented his frustrations over how many early Saturday fixtures his team has played over the years. The Reds have been forced to play the opening game of the weekend six total times during the current campaign. No other Premier League side has had to play in this time slot more than Liverpool.

“They dare to give Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday 12:30 – it’s a crime!” proclaimed Klopp. “I was waiting for Amnesty International to go to them. I would like to be part of that meeting when someone says: ‘Liverpool 12:30’ and the whole room bursts into a laugh. The quickest turnaround in the whole world … Liverpool! It’s absolutely insane.”

The Reds have been forced to play more early Saturday games than any other Premier League team since Klopp joined the club in 2015. The German’s side has played 13.6% of its top-flight matches in this particular slot. Manchester City and Spurs are tied for second with 12.1% of their fixtures on early Saturday.

The early kickoffs also certainly appear to affect Liverpool’s chances of winning matches as well. Klopp has historically won 63% of his Premier League matches in charge of Liverpool. However, this win rate drops down to just 49% when the Reds play at local lunchtime on Saturday. The Reds have played 45 total early Saturday games since Klopp signed on with the team.

Reds coach also targets TNT Sports in latest rant

Not only did Klopp complain about early kickoffs regarding his club, but he also blamed broadcasters for England’s woes in European competitions this season. With all three of the European tournaments at the semifinal stage, just one Premier League side remains alive in the contests. Aston Villa is featuring in the Europa Conference League, but is now in a 4-2 hole after a recent defeat to Olympiacos at home.

Klopp singled out TNT Sports in his epic rant on Friday. The network owns the domestic television rights to the early Saturday fixture. “I had a discussion the other day with colleagues from my favorite TV channel which I will definitely never watch again, TNT,” continued Klopp.

“They always say: ‘They pay you. They give money for football.’ It’s the other way around. Football pays them. They broadcast and deliver it but it’s not like TNT or Sky is doing really well and can pay all of you. You have to become a partner of football again and not just the squeezer. That’s just a little advice from an old man on the way out. I will watch a lot of football but not all – people can survive without matches from time to time.”

The Liverpool boss finished the discussion by claiming that Premier League players are exhausted due to fixture congestion. “The Premier League is the best league in the world. It is not overrated, the players are overworked. Somebody needs to help the people.”

Football Association (FA) and Premier League officials recently agreed to cancel FA Cup replays from the first round onwards. The controversial move was made to help ease fixture congestion with the top English teams. FIFA and UEFA have bloated their tournament schedules in recent years, resulting in player burnout.