While so much of the media hype and speculation has been focused on who will win the TV rights to the Premier League in both the United Kingdom and United States, we shouldn’t forget that the TV rights for La Liga will soon be available for bidding in the U.S.

Currently, GolTV owns the rights to one of the most beautiful leagues in the world. Rumors are that the TV rights are up for bid at the end of this season and that GolTV already has representatives in Spain in negotiations with La Liga to ensure that the rights remain with the Miami broadcaster.

There’s no doubt that ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports would also be interested in acquiring the rights, so expect a battle this summer. If ESPN is able to win the rights and also acquire the rights to the Premier League in the United States, the Disney owned company may, in fact, be the worldwide leader in sports.

What do you think? Who would you prefer to have the TV rights to La Liga? If not Gol TV, do you think a network such as ESPN could do a better job? Click the comment link below and share your thoughts.