I received an enthusiastic e-mail last week from EPL Talk reader Jake Islas who asked me for advice about how he could create a blog and a vibrant community similar to mine here at EPL Talk. I was tempted to warn him not to venture into the field. The pay is lousy. It requires an incredible amount of hard work. It’s a 7 days-a-week job. And there’s always more work to be done. It never ends.

But I resisted in sending a scary reply to Jake. I love what I do, and to me it’s the perfect marriage of my favorite sport and technology, as well as the incredible community that supports EPL Talk — both in the form of you, the readers, and the writers from around the globe who pen the posts for you to read.

That said, I know we can do better — which is why I want to hear from you how we can improve this site. Any and all criticism is accepted. However, if you can be constructive in your criticism, it’ll be more beneficial.

Let us know what the site is missing that would make you come back more often. What do we that pisses you off and what do we do that you want to see more of. What ideas do you have that you’d like to share, and what have you seen at other sites that you feel would work out really well here.

I’m all ears. Just click the comments link below and share your feedback — either positive, negative or neutral.

In the meantime, while I have your attention, I wanted to share the latest updates from EPL Talk — almost like a “State of the Nation.”

In the coming month, we have lots in store for you including:

  • an iPhone app for the EPL Talk Podcast available from the iTunes App Store,
  • a regular video interview vodcast series (more details to come),
  • EPL Talk will be available on the new Barnes & Noble Nook reader,
  • more great contests including a chance to win FIFA 10,
  • more high-profile interviews with some of the biggest names in the game on the now-daily EPL Talk Podcast, the Premier League interview and analysis show,
  • and more.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. And if you have any questions about EPL Talk, feel free to post them below, too.