How far are you away from your nearest professional soccer club?(online surveys)

Out of curiosity, I want to know how near or far the closest professional soccer club is to your home. Are you fortunate that one is nearby or, as in my case, are you far away from the closest professional club? The closest Major League Soccer club to me is exactly 1,000 miles away from my home in South Florida to the nearest “local” team, DC United?

I should add that I’m not including the USL or NASL in this poll. While I appreciate and support the league and realize that their footballers get paid as professional athletes, I’m basing the above poll on top flight football only (i.e. the Premier League or MLS or the top division in your country).

The reason I’m interested is getting your input on the poll is to get a sense of whether our attraction to the Premier League and its clubs is impacted by how far we live away from our local club, or not.

Thanks in advance for voting.