Konami announced this week that PES 2014 will not be making an appearance on the new Next Gen consoles and the reason is partly due to developers wanting to produce something entirely new rather than port their existing game over.

On one hand, you could applaud the move as anyone who played Madden 2006 when it launched with the Xbox 360 could attest to how shoddy the game was. On the other hand Konami is further conceding ground as FIFA 14 is set to be on the Next Gen systems although no release time has been set.

In my opinion, I am hoping that PES does eventually come out with a new game for the next gen consoles within the next year because quite frankly, it’s that competition that keeps EA on their toes when it comes to sports games and it’s something that hasn’t been seen in American football games since 2K Sports lost the NFL license to EA.

The biggest question is regarding mods that have helped PES stay toe-to-toe with FIFA. Will roster updates and team changes be allowed on the new systems? PES does allow for partial licensing of some teams and some leagues but the mods and roster updates that many get for the game within days or weeks of release still tend to make PES a strong competitor to FIFA.  But still with no showing this year, one can only wonder how it will impact sales of the new system while die hard PES fans wait it out for a new one. Not only that, there will also still be no Vita version either.

Here’s hoping that PES 15 comes next year to the new consoles with a new engine, bigger and better game modes and some new licensing so we can finally see some serious competition to the FIFA series Next Gen style. My fingers are crossed that Konami makes it happen.

For those of you planning to get the new consoles (Xbox One or PS4), are you disappointed about there being no PES 14 Next Gen gaming? Will you get FIFA 14 to hold you over? Share your opinions below.