London (AFP) – Pescara’s Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari has promised to walk off the pitch again if he has to endure any more racial abuse during a match.

Muntari was sent off last week for leaving the field after claiming he was racially abused during a Serie A game against Cagliari.

The 32-year-old, who was initially booked for dissent, had his suspension overturned, but the former Inter Milan star believes racism is “everywhere and getting worse” and he is determined to take a stand.

“I went through hell and was treated like a criminal,” he told BBC Sport on Monday.

“I went off the field because it wasn’t right for me to be on the field while I have been racially abused.

“If I had this problem today, tomorrow or the next game I would go off again.”

Muntari called on FIFA president Gianni Infantino to do more to clampdown on the evil of racism in football.

“I think he is capable of doing something in a good way to fight racism. I want him to fight racism,” he said.

“I never heard anything like that in England because I think they don’t tolerate it. 

“England is the example for the world. If a country doesn’t tolerate it then it means you get rid of it.”