Attention Villarreal, attention Villarreal. Did you stay up late and watched the future of American Futbol? Did you see what your young and future striker has done with no help from Xerez who is suppose to help you take him and get the necessary minutes to get playing time and help your club win a La Liga or Copa del Ray title? Ten Million American Dollars on the transfer fee maybe a drop in the bucket for you, but when someone tells me that a club in Europe spent that much money for a future star on the World Stage, then I expect that club to play him and right now he may speak softly and not complain about his lack of playing time, but he is carrying a big pair of boots and he has destroyed the net of Trinidad & Tobago.

Yes I know that the Soca Warrios are not a top level side right now in CONCACAF, but when you have the future of the National Team strike force in Josmer Altiodore who is not getting a sniff of the pitch at the club he is being loaned out to and the complete nonsense of poor training habits said by the head coach of Xerez, it’s pretty plain and simple as this man didn’t want to be saddled with a highly touted prospect and being American it’s a double whammy on Altidore because coaches in Europe never think of American forwards being that high on their list unless they are Keepers or Defenders.

When Jozy was brought on in the 61st Minute in the two all draw at El Salvador and scored his second World Cup Qualifying Goal in the 77th Minute, being a super sub in my opinion was the best way for him to get minutes and to be effective for Bob Bradley. He has barely played since his last assignment for Villarreal &  his current club Xerez who he is on loan at isn’t giving him regular minutes. When the broadcast started on ESPN 2 and they showed the starting eleven, I was so shocked to see Altidore get the nod to start. Obviously the way the boys played in El Salvador left a lot to be desired till the final twenty minutes to get that road point. But while being happy he was getting a chance to start the match I was concerned about his current form.

Worry no more when he was on the field and even though he never got a chance in Spain at the moment he showed his stuff on the field. A striker needs help from his midfielders to get set up for a dangerous scoring opportunity and Landon Donovan is the most dangerous field general this side hasn’t had since Claudio Reyna retired. 13th Minute showed a nice flick of the head by Brian Ching to Donovan who settled and a quick cross to a running Altidore with a one time side footer that beat Clayton Ince for the early one goal to nil lead. Even though the halftime score was one nil for the USA, Altidore had two great chances to get more goals and to be fair, he should’ve had a grand total of five in Nashville.

Using hockey terms to describe that beauty of a second goal he attacked the net, made a deek and then blasted the ball inside the near back corner in the 71st Minute. The keeper made a mess of things as he couldn’t hold on to the ball, giving Altidore the Hat Trick in the 89th Minute and the glow on the field was wearing the #17 shirt for the USA.

This was a fabulous night for an true up & coming star of International Football & for the USA. He is proving and yes Altidore still has some learning to do, but right now with or without game minutes in Spain he is proving that he is a handful on the world stage. But while this isn’t an ideal situation for Altidore to get playing time from his National Team coach while he’s not getting it from his club side, he needs to get the proper amount of minutes in his club game to get better for his National Team game. While he is being patient and waiting his turn to get the nod from the coaching staff of either Xerez or Villarreal, I have to bring the argument up that Jozy should’ve either been sent back to Red Bull NY on loan to get those minutes, or he should’ve waited a bit longer before he made the move to Europe. There are so many supporters screaming that Altidore should be starting right now for the Nats as well as Freddy Adu, but Bob Bradley can’t call up their respective managers and demand the minutes for these two to get. He would be laughed at and none of them would ever get any time at all. Yes they can earn their time, but the problem is this, will they get it & as of right now these two aren’t going to get it until these European club Coaches gets it thru their thick skull and allow them to earn it.

ATTENTION VILLARREAL! ATTENTION VILLARREAL! You paid a Ten Million Dollar Transfer fee for Jozy Altidore, I expect you to give him the minutes he deserves. If that Hat Trick for the USA doesn’t spell it out for you in English, I can get the translator and do it in Spanish. You have wasted his time and ours, bring him back to the Yellow Submarine and use him properly.