Are you getting pumped for the big match tomorrow? Are you devouring every scrap of information available? I can’t say that I’ve read all the articles published but I do enjoy the hype leading up to this match. Unlike our colleagues over at EPL Talk, I don’t think there has been too much hype.

Like the Super Bowl, this is a major showcase event for the sport and it’s only natural that every major news source would want to put their spin on the event. I don’t think the coverage has changed much for this event. During the domestic season, each newspaper runs two to three articles on the big games of the week.

Anyhow, here are some of my favourite links building up to tomorrow’s final:

In closing this post, I’m going to let my bias show. I’m an admitted Manchester United fan, have been since ’97 when I first started getting into soccer heavily. I am excited that they are back in the final and am hoping they can win it. I’m not a blind loyalist and I realize that Chelsea are quite capable of winning tomorrow. I don’t think they will but we shall see. Anyhow, in honor of their last finals appearance here are those amazing final moments of the 1999 final against Bayern Munich. It was an unbelievable final and it should have been the first of many CL titles for United.

I’ll be posting a couple of more articles before tomorrow’s final but I have decided against liveblogging the event. I’ll try to explain why in a separate post later today.