By popular demand, the comments system at EPL Talk has been completely revised. I’ve been testing it on the sister sites for the past few weeks and I think you guys will enjoy it.

You’ll find the new-and-improved ‘Recent Comments’ section in the right sidebar.

Some of the advantages of the new commenting system are:

  1. View the most popular comments on EPL Talk by selecting the ‘popular’ tab (see screenshot below),
  2. See which readers are posting most often to EPL Talk when you press the ‘people’ tab (see screenshot).
  3. You can also register, if you like, and feature your avatar next to your comments (see screenshot).

You can also:

  1. Subscribe to a RSS feed for all comments on EPL Talk,
  2. Access a community that features all of the comments in one place,

Other features include:

  • Post anonymous comments as before,
  • Or register for free or login when you’re getting ready to enter a comment (see screenshot below):

And there’s more:

  • You can now reply to specific comments within a thread instead of just adding it to the bottom (see screenshot below).

More great features:

  • You can also record a video comment instead of just text,
  • Plus you can also rate comments by clicking the up arrow or down arrow next to each comment (see screenshot below):

Even more features include:

  • Subscribe to a specific thread of a particular post by clicking the ‘Subscribe This Thread’ link,
  • View all of your comments on one page by clicking ‘My Comments,’ (see screenshot below):

We’re still not done. You can also:

  • Hover your mouse over anyone who has left a comment to see what other comments he or she has written recently,
  • Plus you can view their profile (see screenshot below)