Layzapp wants to find which country at the World Cup has the most passionate fans – and it needs your help.

The new TV-companion app has launched a built-in interactive game, in which users cheer as loud as they can for their team for five seconds before a selfie is snapped. Based on the volume of the cheer, each selfie will be awarded a ‘Cheer Factor’.

Don’t forget to dress your selfie up – the more flags, team colours, masks and make-up the better!

The ‘Cheer Factors’ will be totalled to determine who the World Cup’s best fans are. Each country’s scores are published, and users can track their own contributions. You can even enter a draw to win a PlayStation 4 and a copy of FIFA 14, simply by sharing your selfie on Twitter or Facebook, mentioning #TheLoudestFans

In order to take part, download Layzapp free in the App Store or on Google Play. More information can be found at and

And if (like me, until a few weeks ago) you’ve never heard of Layzapp, you’re in for a treat, football fans.

The app, which only this month became available for the first time on smartphones and tablets worldwide, is known as a ‘second screen app,’ It aggregates information on the TV show the user is watching at the time, and presents it in an easy-to-digest format.

For sports fans in particular, Layzapp a godsend. It might just be me, but especially during a World Cup, where a lot of the players are unfamiliar, I seem to spend half the match trawling through Twitter and Wikipedia for information on new players – how old is he? Which teams has he played for? How many caps does he have? Are any well-known clubs in for him this summer? And so on.

It can be exhausting, not to mention time-consuming. But Layzapp cuts right through that; via ScoreRadar, it gives you detailed real-time info about the game you’re watching, including stats, scores and player profiles.

Plus thanks to the app’s integration of Twitter, users can exchange opinions about the ongoing matches in a heartbeat. Any content seen via Layzapp can be shared through the app’s sharing function, or bookmarked to read later.

So whether you want to enter “The Loudest Fans” competition, or if you just want your mates to think you’re an Algerian national team expert on the sly – “you mean you didn’t know about Islam Slimani’s fantastic form for Sporting Lisbon in the second half of the season?” – Layzapp will definitely add something to your World Cup viewing experience.