Just in time for the next round of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League games, Comcast Xfinity has added access to TUDNxtra, the overflow soccer streaming service from TUDN (previously known as Univision Deportes).

TUDNxra offers 11 separate channels of additional soccer coverage. Whenever there’s a ton of soccer matches being played at the same time and TUDN can’t fit them all of them onto their TV channels, TUDNxtra streams the other games — whether it’s UEFA Champions League, World Cup qualifiers or other competitions.

TUDNxtra launched in September, and is accessible via the TUDN app and TUDN.TV as well as fuboTV and DISH Network. If you’re a subscriber to Google Fiber, TUDNxtra is integrated into that platform, while subscribers to Cox and Altice (Optimum and Suddenlink) can access TUDNxtra and TUDNxtra through authenticated logins.

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And now Comcast Xfinity has added access to TUDNxtra, so you can log into TUDNxtra using your Comcast username and password to open up a whole new world of soccer coverage.

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