Club Deportivo Guadalajara, better known as Chivas, will make their triumphant return to US television Saturday night for their home game against Monterrey.

The surprising news is that TUDN, ESPN Deportes and FOX Deportes will all combine to broadcast tonight’s highly-anticipated game that kicks off at 11PM ET/9PM CT. According to a source, the rights are only for tonight’s game against Monterrey. Given the current circumstances with the coronavirus threat and Liga MX being one of the few top leagues in the world that’s still playing, the trio of TUDN, FOX Deportes and ESPN Deportes were offered the opportunity to broadcast the match.

With Liga MX being one of just a few soccer leagues around the world that’s still playing through the coronavirus threat, expectations are that the viewing audience for the game should be huge given that more people are staying indoors in the United States.

Chivas having a home game aired on US television is a huge deal. With Liga MX, TV rights to the home games for clubs are sold on a club-by-club basis. In the United States, Univision/TUDN has the vast majority of the rights except for home games featuring Monterrey, Club Tijuana and Santos Laguna, which are televised on FOX Sports channels. Chivas, historically one of the best supported clubs in Mexico, used to be televised on Univision/TUDN but in 2018, Chivas and Univision Deportes were unable to reach an agreement. And since July 2018, Chivas home games played in Liga MX have not been televised in the United States.

Then in August 2019, TUDN publicly announced their continued interest in acquiring the rights, with TUDN President of Sports Juan Carlos Rodriguez stating, ““We are definitely interested in having a long-term relationship with them and keep building the very important Chivas name in this market.”

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While Chivas are not the powerhouse they used to be on the field, the club still attracts a huge fanbase in the United States. The game will also be streamed via Chivas TV, CD Guadalajara’s paid streaming service.

Earlier this year, Chivas struck a deal in Mexico when an agreement was reached between three broadcasters in addition to Chivas TV to share the coverage of Chivas home matches.