By now many of you have probably guessed that the Championship Talk Podcast isn’t returning. Hosts Brian Koski and Georgie Frost have decided to throw in the towel and the last episode (“Stoked-On-Trent”) from April 21, 2008 will be the last memory.

To say it’s a bit of a shame is putting it mildly. Koski and Frost had a fantastic rapport together and brought a lot of enjoyment to a football league that is not often perceived as being glamorous. In the end, the farewell to the Championship Talk Podcast was a bit like a rock’n roll band breaking up and deciding to go their separate ways.

But as in rock’n roll, you never know. Even The Eagles came back and toured once again.

While we can always hope that the dynamic duo returns, you can be reassured that the Championship Talk website will continue to cover the league. And, oh my, the Football League has even decided to launch their own official podcast entitled, “The Coca-Cola Football League Podcast.” It may not be Championship Talk. but it’s the next best thing.

Episode one of the new podcast is available via iTunes.