Although the Premier League is considered to be the best, or possibly the second best depending on your viewpoint, football league in the world for many of us it is just a little too predictable as it is always dominated by the major clubs. However the Championship, while being only the second level of English football, can be far more exciting particularly from a betting viewpoint.

The Playoffs make betting on which teams will be promoted, and which teams will face a fall particularly exciting extending this betting market all the way to May. Once the teams that will be automatically promoted have been determined then the next four teams in the league table play a series of matches to determine the one team that will also progress to the Premier League.

This means that even a team that is languishing at sixth in the table can be promoted. From a betting point of view the play-offs can produce some great betting chances where you can find some fantastic odds. They can also produce some great football, as from a club’s viewpoint, promotion from the Championship to the Premier League is the biggest prize of all. It is not at all unusual for a newly promoted club to see increases in revenues of £40 million or more.

This year the favourite Championship teams for promotion are Cardiff, Leicester and Crystal Palace, but if you are willing to go out on a limb, then you can find some great odds on lower placed teams, for instance Nottingham Forest are priced at 9/1, and how great that would be if they were to return to the Premiership especially if you had a few pounds backing them to do so.

Sports betting in general and football betting in particular can be very different from betting at an online casino, however both share similarities. While your chances of winning at a casino like http:\/\/ are determined almost entirely by the laws of probability, betting on football, although not completely devoid of the influence of luck is, or at least should be, a far more rational activity. Many sports fans would prefer to opt for the more skill based casino games such as Poker or Blackjack. The best players are able to manipulate the outcome by calculating probable odds and other tactics such as reading their opponent’s faces (however this part of the game is obviously void at online casinos). Those who aren’t as clued up on the cards often prefer to choose slots games, which are completely based on luck.

Though there may be online guides claiming to provide tactics with which to win at slots every time, this just isn’t possible; you’ve more chance taking a pot-luck guess at the winner of the playoffs which, in today’s game, is really saying something.