Getafe goalkeeper Roberto Abbondanzieri might be packing his bags and heading back to Boca Juniors after Carlos Bianchi was hired as club manager for 2009.

The Argentine international has not had the greatest season in his career and was not able to get his starting job back at the national team back ever since Lazio’s Juan Pablo Carrizo took over after the Olympics.  Despite that Abbondanzieri is the top priority to obtain this coming semester.

Boca’s young goalkeeper Javier García will be out of the fray for over a month due to a sports hernia.   Their backup goalkeeper, Josué Ayala only saw action in the final 20 minutes of the final against Tigre but is not the option that Carlos Ischia would look for as the club prepares to make an all-out assault for a seventh Copa Libertadores.

In the event that “El Pato”  does not make the move, there are two goalkeepers that are being looked at.  Former Peruggia goalkeeper Óscar Córdoba (who currently plays in Colombia) and Valladolid’s Justo Villar are within the team’s radar.

Yet the goalkeeper they are looking for is the Getafe man.  Despite his fatal lapses under the goal, he is  fan favorite and will give Boca the experienced keeper that they needed after Mauricio Caranta and the Xeneize brass had a falling out that cost him his future at the club and any possibility at international play.