Galavisión is a US-based, Spanish-language pay television network owned by Univision Communications.

As a result of being in the family of networks of Univision, Galavisión’s sister networks are Univision, TUDN and UniMás. Similarly, all four channels broadcast soccer games.

For instance, some of the leagues that Galavisión shows are Champions League and Europa League. Typically, Galavisión broadcasts the least popular of these games. For example, on a busy Champions League, Univision Communications’s strategy is as follows. First, the game that gets the top billing is on Univision. Second, the second biggest game is on UniMás. Third, then it’s TUDN. And fourth, the next biggest game is on Galavisión.

By using this strategy, Univision has plenty of bandwidth to broadcast many games at once.

In addition to soccer, Galavisión shows boxing, wrestling and other sports.

Normally, most of Galavisión’s programming includes Mexican dramas, shows and telenovelas. It airs newscasts from Televisa’s networks Canal de las Estrellas, FOROtv, and Gala TV.

The channel started life in 1979 as a premium cable network. It began showing a mix of classic and Spanish-language movies. Plus, it often features recent Hollywood movies dubbed in Spanish.

Interestingly, Univision Communications positions Galavisión as “the Spanish-Language entertainment cable destination for the modern Hispanic family.” Their words, not mine.

Upcoming Matches on Galavisión:

    The channel ranks as a popular Spanish-language station especially in primetime. It highlights comedies and dramas as its most popular content. As a result, it boasts it has a median age that is ten years younger than the average for Spanish-language viewers among its competitors.

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    Nowadays, Galavisión is in roughly 68 million homes in the U.S.

    More information about the channel can be found on its official website.

    Galavisión: Where to find it

    Several options exist to watch Galavisión.

    First, you can watch it on cable and satellite (both DirecTV and DISH Network show it). Second, you can stream the channel on Fubo and Vidgo.

    Soccer Channels

    Here’s our comprehensive listing of the different soccer channels available:

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