Women's pro soccer comes to Miami/Fort Lauderdale for 1st time

The USL Super League has expanded, and it hasn't even kicked a ball yet. The women's pro soccer league that is planning to launch with division one sanctioning in August 2024 is adding a club in Fort Lauderdale, the league announced Tuesday. Owned by Tommy Smith, the new club is planning to begin play in […]


/ 24 days ago

How to watch women's soccer on US TV

Looking for how to watch women's soccer in the US? We've got the details of where to find games on both TV and streaming. Only a few decades ago, women's soccer was almost non-existent. In 1991, the FIFA Women's World Cup emerged and ever since, the game has been on the rise. For years, only […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 47 days ago

Explained: Why MLS doesn't have promotion & relegation

MLS famously does not compete within a system of promotion and relegation. In fact, no league of any real relevance in the United States has ever used the mechanism that has been the standard for the global club game for over a century. But why doesn't MLS use pro/rel? League brass, media personalities and fans […]

Leagues: NWSL

/ 199 days ago

NWSL vs USL Super League: The Next Soccerwarz

This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, titled NWSL vs USL Super League, is presented by Sling. This week's news that USL Super League aims to launch a D1 women's league in 2024 is big news. It's a shot across the bow to NWSL who is already established as a D1 league. Could the […]

Leagues: NWSL

/ 199 days ago

USL Super League aim to launch as D1 women's league in 2024

Originally announced in 2021, the women's USL Super League has now confirmed the first group of inaugural markets for its 2024 inaugural season. But that's not all – the league is now targeting to launch as a first division league, not a second division as originally announced. If they meet USSF sanctioning requirements as intended, […]