With Women’s Euro 2022 coming up, Nike has dropped some new threads for three of the competitions biggest sides, and the company’s “fingerprints” are certainly all over these designs.

Let go in alphabetical order and take a look:


Simplicity as usual for The Lionesses

England will be outfitted in a look not too dissimilar from what we usually see, an all-white home strip and a red (although it’s really bordering on a bright orange-ish color) away. The white top has a geometric pattern reminiscent of cut gemstones. The red design is, as we’ll see later, a basic template design with a texture throughout (which is hard to see in some lighting conditions) that looks like a close up of a fingerprint. The away is trimmed in a dark red/maroon on the sleeves and collar, with a hint of the gem-triangle pattern around the neck. Both shirts feature crests and Nike emblems with a pearlescent, 3D finish which is an interesting flourish to give what are otherwise basic kits a bit of pizzazz.

Grade: B+
England has a very simple traditional look, and these certainly do the job. The iridescent badges are a nice touch, but they lose points for phoning in the away shirt with a template. 

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Très bien

France utilizes the new Nike “fingerprint” template for both of their 2022 shirts, but thankfully on both it’s not the only thing going on. The blue home features an ornate floral design throughout, like something you’d see gracing the walls of Versailles. Sometimes something that busy can easily go over the top, but here it really works. It’s undeniably French and looks superb. The white away is trimmed with a rose gold crest and side stripe, which also has the floral pattern from the home shirt within. It’s pretty basic, but it’s a nice counterpoint to the super fancy home shirt. Both shirts feature the wonderful FFF rooster crest and have a small French tricolor on the sleeve cuff.

Grade: A
Full of both flair and sophistication, this is a very solid set and fits the team and nation well.

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If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.

The Oranje will be rolling with the Nike fingerprint template for their home shirt, in what else but classic Dutch orange. The black trim and always gorgeously-embroidered KNVB badge really make it pop. It’s a super sharp look. The away shirt takes cues from the nation’s culture and history off the pitch, with a blocky, colorful design in the white, blue and red of the Netherlands flag in the style of the early 20th century De Stijl Dutch art movement. The lion within the red shield is rendered in orange, tying the whole thing back to the iconic Dutch football look.

Grade: A+
The template works for the traditionally simple orange home top thanks to the bold black trim, and the away is sure to be one of the more fun designs we see come out of the tournament.

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