After Lio Messi plays on Sunday in Pamplona, he will head to Switzerland to sit alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.  On Saturday, made a poll and the Barcelona superstar over his Manchester United counterpart.

If you are a betting man and base your investment on precedent, chances are that the Portuguese international will come out on top.  Although there is evidence that Messi has a better shot at obtaining the award.  Although Ronaldo obtained the Balon D’Or which is given out by France Football based on a group of writers that vote for the award.

He also has the blessing of a poll that was set up by Barclays (they are the main sponsor of the Premier League… surprise, surprise!) that has Ronaldo ahead of Messi by more than two to one.  I am not surprised of that result.   FIFA’s poll has Messi ahead of Ronaldo 47-34.

The FIFA World Player of the Year bases their award on the votes of national team coaches and captains.   In the Saturday’s Gazzetta dello Sport, they are reporting that Messi is the winner.