UEFA has announced that only captains at Euro 2024 will be able to approach referees to argue calls during matches. Any other players on the pitch seen attempting to plead their case risk receiving a yellow card. National teams involved in the upcoming tournament have all been personally notified of the decision.

The ruling is yet another move by soccer’s governing bodies to curb player dissent. English Premier League officials previously revealed ahead of the current campaign that they were going to crack down on such abuse towards referees. As a result, match officials have handed out more yellow cards to players and coaches for dissent.

While the focus has been on punishing upset players, referee mistakes continue to mar matches from all over the globe. These officiating errors have not only affected the most popular division in the world but also other top tournaments. This includes two huge incorrect calls during a recent UEFA Champions League semifinal between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

UEFA says captains can help in Euro 2024 officiating explanations

Nevertheless, Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s managing director of refereeing, has claimed that dissent leaves a “bad for the image” of soccer. The executive also asserted that the move will, in turn, help referees better explain calls on the pitch.

“In a bid to improve the status quo we at UEFA want referees to explain more of their decisions to all teams competing at the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 tournament,” Rosetti explained in a recent statement.

“How will we do this? The idea is simple: we ask that all teams ensure their captain is the only player who speaks to the referee. We ask the captains to ensure their teammates do not encroach upon and surround the referee, allowing direct conversations to take place in order that the decision be relayed in a timely and respectful manner.”

Rosetti also added a particular stipulation should a goalkeeper be a team captain at the tournament. “Any teammate ignoring his captain’s role and/or who approaches the referee showing any sign of disrespect or dissent will be shown a yellow card,” continued the UEFA official.

“Evidently, if the captain is a goalkeeper, there will need to be an outfield player nominated who can fulfill this role should an incident occur at the opposite end of the pitch.”

UEFA has picked multiple controversial refs to officiate tournament

Euro 2024 consists of the top European sides fighting for the crown of the best team on the continent. Much like the players and teams involved, UEFA hypothetically selects their best referees to take control of the competition. Nevertheless, several controversial figures are taking part in the tournament.

Premier League duo Stuart Attwell and Anthony Taylor are going to referee the competition. The decision, however, came just days after the pair came under fire during a match between Everton and Nottingham Forest.

The latter side felt as if they were wrongly denied multiple penalties throughout the game. An independent panel later agreed that Attwell and Taylor made mistakes. It was also not the lone time that the duo received heat for incorrect decisions during matches.

Euro 2024 starts on June 14, as hosts Germany face off against Scotland in Munich.


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