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/ 163 days ago

Premier League coaches object blue cards as IFAB backtracks

On Thursday, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) revealed its plans to introduce new rules regarding sin bins. In the change, referees would be able to show a blue card to players for dissent or cynical fouls. The offenders would then exit the pitch and their club would be temporarily down a player. These violators […]


/ 165 days ago

IFAB wants 'cooling off periods' for heated player arguments

Referees could soon temporarily halt matches and issue "cooling off periods" to combat hostility on the pitch. According to a recent report by The Times, the proposed rule change is part of an upcoming International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting. IFAB helps set official rules for soccer. The introduction of cooling-off periods would potentially stop […]


/ 235 days ago

Premier League may bring IFAB's sin bins in 2024

Debate surrounds the idea of using sin bins at the highest levels of soccer, and that includes the Premier League. This is an effort to change how players behave toward referees. The sport's governing body, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), gave the go-ahead for testing sin bins rigorously. This is different from a red […]


/ 235 days ago

What is IFAB and why do they rule the game?

The world of soccer has plenty of acronyms fans are familiar with. FIFA, EPL, MLS, CONCACAF, USSF, and many more comprise the alphabet soup of entities that govern the sport. But one that isn't so familiar is the IFAB – the International Football Association Board. But what is the IFAB, and why should you care? […]

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/ 237 days ago

VAR may add reviews of free kicks, corners and second yellows

The International Football Association Board, or IFAB, is going to discuss extending VAR reviews to other parts of the game. Currently, VAR can only step in for offsides, direct red cards, goals and mistaken identities. The latter would be for improperly booking someone. However, IFAB wants to make other parts of the game subject to […]

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/ 245 days ago

IFAB contemplate major offside rule change for next season

International Football Association Board (IFAB), the independent law-making authority for world soccer, is reportedly debating whether to significantly alter the offside rule. The newly proposed rule is said to align closely with the recommendations put forth by renowned manager Arsene Wenger. With the establishment of the Video assistant referee (VAR), the offside regulation has been […]

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/ 264 days ago

IFAB protects refs by saying no to live audio VAR conversations

It seems as if soccer fans will not soon hear live conversations between referees during VAR replays. International Football Association Board (IFAB) executive Lukas Brud revealed these discussions will remain private for now. IFAB currently helps determine the official laws of the sport. FIFA has recognized the group as lawmakers for over 100 years. Brud […]


/ 601 days ago

Portugal-Uruguay penalty decision ends in controversy

The Portugal-Uruguay penalty controversy was one of many talking points out of Monday's World Cup game, but there were other issues for Uruguay to worry about. No width and no wits. That pretty much sums up Uruguay's performance against Portugal in the first 60 minutes. Despite the security of an experienced three man central defense […]