Manchester City’s captain last night, Yaya Toure, has demanded that UEFA reacts to the awful racist chanting that he and his teammates received from the supporters of CSKA Moscow in the UEFA Champions League match.

Toure informed the referee regarding the racist chanting, but no action was taken. Toure has asked for something to be done regarding the issue. He has pleaded with UEFA to resolve the issue by banning the spectators or club.

Here’s what Toure said last night:

“”I’m not just disappointed, I’m furious. I’m very, very disappointed about what those fans have done today and I think Uefa have to take action because players with the same colour of skin will always be in the same position. For me, as captain, I was wearing an armband which said ‘No to racism’ and I was totally disappointed.

“I want to see Uefa do something and take some action. We have to be as strong as possible, otherwise they will continue like that. Maybe they could ban the stadium, I don’t know, for a couple of years or a couple of months.

“The club may say they have to educate the fans but I think it’s enough; too much is too much. We have to stop it now. It’s stupid these people. I don’t know, it just happens in football. It’s unbelievable. Uefa have to take action to right it, otherwise they will just continue.”

Here’s the video interview with Toure after the match regarding the racist abuse he and fellow players received:

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