World Soccer Talk has launched a new commenting system effective immediately to improve the options for readers who comment in our article threads.

One of the aspects of World Soccer Talk that we’re most proud of is the vibrant community, where readers like you and thousands of others participate in the comments threads for each post. Since launching the site in 2005, the site has had more than 215,000 comments posted. And the number continues to grow at a rapid pace.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the experience, so we’ve upgraded the commenting system to MatchChat, which is an interactive commenting system that includes a lot of great features.

When you want to post a comment for the first time with MatchChat, you’ll enter your comment and then include your name and e-mail address (just as you do with the old commenting system on World Soccer Talk).

After you’ve entered a name and e-mail address, you can then click on the cog symbol to select between ‘Account settings’ or ‘Logout’ (see below).


In the ‘Account settings’ section, you’ll have a couple of choices to choose from (see below):

A brilliant feature is that you can click on ‘Edit’ to set your favorite team (to let other readers know who you support). Plus you can upload a headshot or avatar of yourself by clicking on the picture of the face.

You’ll then end up with a profile something like this (albeit with a much prettier face, and most probably a team that’s far better than Swansea!).

You can use that same user account to post on other sites that use MatchChat (one example of many is Empire Of The Kop, the popular Liverpool blog).

Then whenever you’re posting a comment on World Soccer Talk (or other sites that use MatchChat), you can see your team’s shirt next to your name. And if you hover over it, it’ll say what team you support (see below).

Plus another feature is that if you click on the trophy next to a comment you like, the comment and user will get a +1.

The more you use the new commenting system, the easier it’ll become. And you’ll probably uncover some other features you’ll love (such as how many people are reading the same article that you are at that present moment, and much more).

As always, I welcome your feedback and opinion. Feel free to share it in the new and improved comments section below especially if you have any questions about how to use MatchChat or anything World Soccer Talk-related. Thanks for your loyalty and patience!