Let’s face it, soccer fans are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate sports fans out there. Take your team, for example. If you were tested on your team’s strengths and weaknesses on the pitch, as well as the background on each of the players — even the ones on the fringes on the team — the likelihood is that you know more about your squad than most TV announcers or co-commentators do. After all, they have to try to be experts on 20+ teams, while you can focus your full attention on your favorite club.

This is precisely why listening to some commentators can be such a frustrating experience. They’re in a powerful position where they’re supposed to be experts on the two teams playing. But during a 90 minute broadcast, it’s pretty easy to shoot holes in their analysis based on their lack of insight into your team.

Not only are some commentators inadequate analyzing your team, they’re also biased. It’s usually not blatant. Instead it’s typically the way they talk down to your team when discussing players. Oftentimes it’s lazy clichés instead of original analysis. Or, how many of you have heard announcers or analysts unfairly praising the opposition team instead of providing a balanced commentary?

Whatever the case, the result is an annoying experience where it sometimes interrupts the enjoyment of watching your team.

That’s why so many soccer fans are turning to Rabble.tv. With Rabble, you can mute the TV during a broadcast of your favorite team and then head on over to Rabble.tv to listen to real fans announcing the games. Or, better yet, you can switch on the mic on your computer or use their smartphone app to call the game yourself. You already know more than most announcers do about your favorite team, so why not share your knowledge with other soccer fans out there?

So, who are the announcers and co-commentators that are most biased against your team? Let us know in the comments section below.

In the meantime, here are the clubs that some of the top commentators, co-commentators and presenters support:

Steve Bower — Manchester United
Ian Crocker — West Ham United
Ian Darke — Portsmouth
Lee Dixon — Arsenal
Peter Drury — Watford
Alan Green — Liverpool
Shaka Hislop — West Ham United
Ray Hudson — Newcastle United
Gus Johnson — Chelsea
Graeme Le Saux — Chelsea
Gary Lineker — Leicester City
Gary Neville — Manchester United
Alan Parry — Liverpool
David Pleat — Tottenham
Phil Schoen — Arsenal
Gary Taphouse — Crystal Palace
Clive Tyldesley — Manchester United
Arlo White — Leicester City
Nigel Winterburn — Arsenal

Check out Rabble.tv, where it’s your team and your call.