Everton is now receiving financial advice as they deal with potential bankruptcy issues. The Premier League side has been receiving a series of significant loans from 777 Partners to help cover operating costs. The Toffees have received over $250 million in loans from the firm. These advances have occurred regularly since the American firm initially agreed to take over the Merseyside club back in September.

However, 777 Partners missed their most recent submission to the Toffees. According to The Guardian, the firm had promised Everton a loan worth nearly $19 million to cover the month of April. As May 1 quickly approaches, the club is in desperate need of funds. 777 Partners did claim that Everton “has been provided with the working capital it needs as of today [Tuesday, April 30th].” Nevertheless, the group did not exactly confirm how much of the $19 million they provided the club.

777 Partners has not yet completed their proposed deal to buy Everton. Instead, the firm has endured seemingly weekly setbacks in its quest to purchase the club. It was recently revealed that they can finally finish the move when they pay back another previous $200 million loan. However, 777 Partners has ongoing financial issues, which puts the agreement in fresh doubt.

777’s budget airline company enters administration

Along with the loan issue, 777 Partners is also dealing with another financial problem with a company called Bonza. The budget Australian airline is currently under the 777 umbrella and has now entered administration. Planes owned by the company were even recently repossessed. As a result, all Bonza flights across the nation have been canceled. The move has seen hundreds of travelers essentially become stranded and searching for other ways to complete their trips.

777’s ongoing financial issues are a bad sign for Everton and their fans. It remains to be seen if the firm can even complete the pending deal that has been on ice for practically the entire 2023/24 season. During this time, the club has been hit with two financial charges, both resulting in points deductions.

While it is too early to tell, further financial difficulties could place Everton into administration as well. If this were the case, the Toffees would potentially face yet another points penalty. While the club has been playing well enough to avoid relegation, these issues could threaten their place in the Premier League.

News comes as Premier League clubs vote to introduce spending cap

Everton fans would love to see the new ownership spend handsomely to help get them back on track. This, however, will almost certainly not happen. Not only do they have to be well aware of the financial rules that they previously violated, but financial changes are coming to the Premier League.

English top-flight teams voted in favor of introducing a spending cap to replace current profitability and sustainability rules (PSR). The rule change officially goes into effect ahead of the 2025/26 season. Assuming the club can get out of the financial mess, there will be limits in potential investment into the team. This means that the Toffees could need ample time to revamp their squad. Nevertheless, all other Premier League sides will hypothetically be on the same level playing field.